Architects, builders, engineering companies, contractors, interior designers offering planning, design, fit-out, remodelling, renovation, CONSTRUCTION SERVICES.

Assistco ~ industrial thermal insulation, civil construction

BCMS International Specialty Contractors

Blue Circle Builders (opens in new tab)

Borines Builders Corporation

Built Spaces Contracting ~ designs, builds, extends, and renovates houses, offices, and other types of low-rise building

Cavitetrail Enterprise ~ wrought iron, glass railings

CM Builders

DVBCA ~ contractor for works with water distribution, plumbing, sewerage, drainage, civil works, wastewater treatment, automatic fire sprinkler, fire suppression


Flexicore Construction Services

Global Construction

Gloscore ~ concrete repair contractor

Hijada Construction & Supply

Homelockers Construction

Innovative Fibre Industries ~ insulation solutions contractor

Insuphil ~ Cebu-based insulation materials supplier and contractor

JAP Construction & Development Corporation

Jecam's Office Furniture Fit-out Services

JDP Construction

Makati Development Corporation ~ engineering, procurement, construction, construction management services

Mundo Builders

Myhaybol House Designs (opens in new tab)

Swedish Designs Exhibit Booth Builder

Tokyo Grand Renovation

Top-Notch Construction


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