Mandriva Builders Inc. (MBI) is engaged in general practice of engineering, construction and management. MBI provides full engineering services which include civil/structural engineering design and detail, fabrication drawings, 3D rendering, structural audit or investigation, material testing, generation of as built drawings, drawing nostrification, mechanical & process engineering design and installation,electrical and automation plus programming, and project and construction management for both commercial and industrial buildings.

MBI is a Filipino owned corporation held together by group of well experienced and reputable engineers, managers, engineering software personnel and staff who have all the same vision and mission to provide the most practical and innovative engineering solutions, construction and project management in Administrative and Industrial buildings, building renovations, Airport & aviation related structures, commercial centers, residential compounds, cement plants, gas plant, power plant, roads, bridges and amongst others. Our critical minded engineers have jointly acquired their long technical experiences and skills from their previous and on-going projects. These involve project management, planning, cost estimation, cost control, structural designs, mechanical & process design, electrical & automation, detailed design and fabrication drawings, project management, supervisions and amongst other. With our dedication and commitment your dream is our goal.



Civil/Structural Engineering

Mandriva Builders Inc. is committed to provide the most reliable and cost efficient services in civil / structural works. We are composed of highly skilled and experienced engineers and technical staff who have managed mission critical projects in the Philippines and other countries. The mainstream projects that we can handle are High rise buildings, cement terminal plant, aircraft Hangar, Jetty Port, fuel farm structures, design of cement silos, gas pipelines.


Electrical and Automation

Our company is an engineering composite ready to provide complex and advance engineering services for Electrical and automation. Supply of electrical component and maintenance.


High & Medium Voltage

Low Voltage Equipment


Erection and Commissioning Training

Operation and Maintenance


Mechanical and Process

Through our years of subsequent involvement in various commercial buildings and Industrial plant constructions we have adeptly understand the Mechanical process. Our Mechanical engineering team innovate consistently to provide our customers with simple yet cost effective solutions. We can provide services or supplies or both base on your options.


Construction and Project Management

Mandriva Builders Inc handles construction or management of both commercial buildings and industrial plant. We lay different options to meet every customer’s needs. We have managed from medium to big construction projects with mission critical businesses. We provide comprehensive information and transparent costing for the customer to help them a hasten leverage of their businesses. With our highly experienced engineers, project managers and staff you can absolutely rely on us.


Structured Cabling

We provide the best network infrastructure option to our client to help them leverage their business process using the latest trend on data centers. We guide them with options which are cost-effective and yet efficient in business operation.


Telephony System

In the advent of computer and rapid technology collaboration the IP Telephony or VoIP has capitalized the global business communication. The highly integrated and cost-effective telephony solution breaks the barrier of adapting expensive telephone system in business. Through this technology small, medium to enterprise businesses can now easily communicate globally.

The IP Advantages

The biggest difference between a traditional PBX system and an IP PBX system (aside from using the internet rather than the traditional phone network) is that calls can be routed to many different types of extensions while still providing the same experience for callers. For instance, a VoIP-based system can be run to IP phones, which look like traditional hard-wired handsets, as well as desktop-based softphones that allow calls to be answered, recorded and logged through the computer. Internal extensions route the calls to each different type of location while still providing the same experience for end users.

IP systems also allow users to forward extensions to locations off property like home phones, mobile phones and computers. Depending on the system, they may not require much more than an Internet connection and password to provide telecommuters with the same access that employees who operate from inside the building have.

IP PBX systems can change the way that businesses operate by providing unlimited access to telecommunications systems from anywhere in the world. Customers receive a seamless experience when calling, and employees have the flexibility that our digital world requires. Overall, the upfront expenditure to implement an IP PBX is much less than traditional, hardwired systems because Internet-based systems generally require far less hardware. IP PBX systems also tend to be inclusive, and features like call waiting, three-way calling, caller ID and more are standard

IP Telephony Features:







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