We at EBI PHILIPPINES INC. EBI are happy to say that we belong to the group of competitive contractors in the industry. We take great pleasure to introduce the company’s organization composed highly qualified and competent individuals who share a common goal that is to take part in the construction business. Venturing in this kind of business gives us the inspiration and passion to deliver and satisfy the needs of our clients.

construction company philippinesEBI is an established company that caters General Engineering services which include roads, pavement, structures, buildings and other construction related services. The company has a competitive group of Engineers, modest construction facilities and sufficient capital to maintain project according to EBI’s contractor’s classification.

We take pride in the achievements of its professionals: Managers, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers and its staff, after years in the construction business, our professionals and staff have accumulated such skills and competency that we have decided to form a new breed of technical group which will cater the needs of our future Clients.

EBI PHILIPPINES INC. also offers Project Management and/or Construction Management Services using modern engineering solutions necessary for today's state-of-the-art facilities. Our organization is composed of various professionals with extensive experiences in handling Consultancy Projects. We provide our roster of clientele with efficient and quality construction management service and create convenient, competent and attractive results through team approach that defines three basic elements, which are Practicality, Quality, and Safety.





Our services includes general engineering services, consultancy and construction management. Kindly see list below for a detailed view of our services:


The development and building of particular projects.


The art, skill, profession and technology of applying scientific, economic and practical knowledge in design, structures and materials.


A project includes clean room, ducting, plumbing, sanitary and fire protection.


Include soil stabilization, slope protection/ reinforce earth.


It’s the concept of a structure of the plan into a functional project in achieving the objectives at the given time and limitations.


The suitable planning, organizing, securing and managing resources to achieve specific project goal.


It’s the assistance to be provided for the project/business organization and development.


An assistance for acquiring specific project materials/ supplies on time at a very competitive amount or cost.


Completed Projects (partial list)


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EBI Philippines Inc.

Address: #165 Scout de Guia St., Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

Phone: (632) 927 0733 | (632) 928 8045

Telefax: (632) 927 0733

E-mail: info@ebiphilippines.com

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