Manufacturers, importers, local distributors, suppliers of SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY products and brands. Vendors, contractors, companies offering sale, rental, installation, setup, repair and maintenance services.

Acez ~ test and measurement instruments for temperature, pressure, humidity, level and flow processes

Brownstone Asia-Tech ~ supplier of materials testing, analytical and laboratory equipment

BVTC ~ supplier of pressure gauges and switches valves, controls, pneumatic components and instrumentation

Century Precision Scale Manufacturing ~ industrial platform weighting scales

Chemoscience ~ products, solutions and services for laboratory, analytical testing, life science and healthcare

Dynalab ~ exclusive distributor of high technology instruments

Electrobyte Environmental Concerns ~ air, water, process, non-destructive chemical analysis services

Gryke Scientific Instruments Trading (GSIT) ~ sale and service of laboratory and testing equipment

ITS Science ~ distributor of scientific & medical instruments, hospital infrastructure and laboratory furniture

Maedan ~ distribution of equipment, materials and consumables to the electronics, semiconductor, automotive, pharmaceutical, consumer and food industries

Philinstruments ~ exclusive distributor of geological, water, plant, soil, and environmental instruments

Sinofil ~ filtration systems, separation systems for oil, water, air & gases, cleanroom equipment & consumables, air HEPA filter & wiremesh demister

Sysmex ~ clinical diagnostic and health IT products and services for laboratories, hospitals and healthcare organizations


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