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We are the leading Market Expansion Services provider for companies who want to grow their business in the Philippines.

Serving our business partners through our extensive global networks and industry expertise, as well as our profound local knowledge of the markets in the Philippines, we help companies to grow their businesses in new and existing markets.

Swiss entrepreneur, Edward Anton Keller, founded the trading firm Ed A. Keller & Co. in 1887 and over the years, the business continued to grow and expand its operations in the Philippines. In 1996, the company took full ownership of Griffith Laboratories (Philippines), Inc., to become Edward Keller (Philippines), Inc. In 2001, Edward Keller and the Diethelm Group merged to become Diethelm Keller. This was followed by the merger of the Diethelm Keller and SiberHegner groups to form DKSH in 2002.

Today, DKSH Philippines, Inc. is a trusted partner of global, regional and local market brands.

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We offer a range of Market Expansion Services to business partners in their respective areas

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DKSH Philippines, Inc.

Address: Unit B & C, 8th Floor Cyber Sigma, Lawton Avenue, McKinley West, Fort Bonifacio 1634, Taguig City MM

Phone: +63 2 548 3200

Fax: +63 2 864 1698 to 99

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DKSH Philippines, Inc.

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