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Nanometrics Seismic Services Inc. (Ca, Ottawa)

We offer TitanEA, a strong motion accelerograph, specifically designed for networked deployments. It features triaxial fore balance sensor that exceeds performance requirements of local regulations for sensor specification. The technologies used in this product provides maximum flexibility for sensor placement, and costs less compared to analogue systems.

Want to read more about this product? You can visit the website of TitanEA for more information.



Earthquake Safety Systems Inc. (USA, California)

Seismic switches are specialty engineered products used to lessen damages in industrial and commercial environments during seismic events. These use state of the art tri-axial seismic sensors with the ability to capture local earthquake shaking data. These are manufactured in a Certified UL 508 facility and use industrial control components manufactured to those standards.

You can read more about seismic switches on the website of Earthquake Safety Systems, Inc.



Canterbury Seismic Instruments (NZ, Christchurch)

CUSP-3, a Strong Motion Accelerograph, contains triaxial MEMS accelerometer, and is suited to ground motion monitoring. This is used both in commercial and research oriented systems. It has one (1) internal triaxial accelerometer as a standard, but can have up to two (2) external sensors for cost effective ground motion monitoring. It uses open industry standards and require no special software.

Know more about this on the website of Canterbury Seismic Instruments


Geometrics' Geode (USA, California)

Geode seismic recorder is a versatile seismograph that is ideal for refraction and tomography surveys. It can gather data from three (3) up to 24 channels and has low power usage. It can also function as an earthquake monitor and can do continuous recordings for vibration monitoring.

Learn the details of this instrument on the website of Geometrics



Seismic Refraction Tomography

We create 2D and 2.5D profiles of the ground to show P-wave velocity structures using multichannel exploration seismographs. This can reveal what's under the ground even before digging.

Seismic Instrumentation in Buildings

We install seismic recording instruments in buildings to record vibratory response and comply with the requirements of the Department of Public Works and Highways. These instruments can also trigger alarms and switches.

Seismic Vibration Studies

We conduct vibration studies to establish background and introduced values associated with new development projects to monitor its effects on nearby grounds or buildings.

Passive Seismic Tomography

We offer lower cost alternative for oil, gas and geothermal energy exploration by analyzing data captured by multiple sets of microseismic devices.

Seismic Switch

We install seismic switches which detects earthquakes to trigger alarm and shutdown procedures for water pumps, fuel valves, elevators, gas pipes, generators and similar critical equipment.

Geological & Geophysical Surveys

We are a team with geologists and geophysicists who conduct different mapping surveys. We team up with reputable geotechnical and exploration drilling companies to provide comprehensive understanding of subsurface environment.


Some of our projects

Here are services received by our satisfied clients.

Ground Vibration Assessment for the Philippine Coast Guard

Our services help protect important buildings. We installed seismographs in the vintage Philippine Coast Guard Building near the shore of Manila Bay to measure vibrations caused by the impacts of pile driving work very close to the facility. Our real-time 24/7 on-site monitoring allowed the engineers to proceed without any guesswork on acceptable force to use in the pile driving operations.

Seismic Switch Installations for a Water Provider Company

Our products allow safe shutdown of important lifeline infrastructures. The seismic switches that we installed in the Manila Water Company pumps and reservoir control units are designed to warn the pump operators about mild earthquakes and informs them when an event is strong enough to require shutdown. These seismic switches can also automatically initiate the intricate shutdown procedure for such sensitive facilities when a destructive earthquake occurs.

Seismic Refraction Survey at a University in Manila

Our services allow site development to avoid underground faults. We conducted seismic refraction tomography in a university campus in Quezon City to map out the traces of the East Valley Fault, enabling the campus planners to confidently layout the development with the least exposure to the threat from seismic fault rupture.

Seismic Refraction Survey at Wawa Dam Storage

We provide 2D and 3D views of the underground for better engineering design. Large energy development projects require a good understanding of subsurface conditions. We conducted a series of 2D surveys to create an image of the underground thereby providing the design engineers with better geotechnical knowledge for a stable and cost effective design of dams and other hydropower-related structures.

Geothermal Survey for Pan Pacific

Our geological and geophysical services contribute to energy development. We conducted geological surveys and geophysical studies to help identify geothermal and oil/gas exploration targets. Our use of old-school geological work and geochemical research are supplemented by recent advances in earth science. For example, we have pioneered the use of CO2 in Philippine geothermal exploration, and we continue to couple digital terrain and remote sensing data analysis with our in-depth appreciation of Philippine seismo-tectonics to the advantage of our clients.

Survey at Tumauini

In line with energy development, our services help in planning energy harnessing systems and infrastructures. We helped in a study undertaken to gain better understanding of the geological structure by doing delineation and semi-detailed mapping of structures in the Tumauini Prospect. This study contributes to the hydropower planning and design of the proposed Tumauini Hydroelectric Power project.

Seismic Refraction and Reflection Surveys for Ipo Dam Water Transmission

Our services help in planning and designing underground infrastructures. We helped design a new underground facility by conducting seismic refraction to image the near-surface geology and seismic reflection profiling to map the deeper sturctures which transect the position of a proposed tunnel. Such geophysical imaging of structures are needed to strategically plan and properly design major infrastructures.

Transformer Equipment Transit Monitoring for Newton

We help protect even things that are mobile. Large transformers when in transit to their sites of installation need to be handled delicately to avoid damage. Our instruments provided real-time monitoring of shocks during the transport of a large transformer thereby allowing the vehicle operator to adjust his driving so as not to exceed a pre-set threshold. The geotagged time history of in-transit shaking provides a record of severity and duration of vibration and can be used to indentify potential damage to important equipment.


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