Pioneer in Scientific Glass Manufacturing in the Philippines

Established in 1973, B.E. Scientific Glass Instruments (BESGI) is the pioneer in scientific glass manufacturing in the Philippines.

Chief Glassblower and Founder Carlito Montenegro trained under a French glassblowing expert in the 1960’s at the National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) under a UNESCO scholarship grant. Since the 1970's, BESGI has been providing scientific glass products to various Philippine industries and medical and educational institutions.

It is our aim to become a world-class provider of scientific products to aid education and scientific research and development in the Philippines.

Having been serving the Philippine market for over 30 years now, we continually strive for total customer satisfaction through friendly and excellent service while maintaining product excellence and competitive pricing.





There are 2 BESTILL models - BESTILL 1941 and BESTILL 1942. Both have 4SD (Single distillation with an output of 4L/hour) with two 1.5kw Silica heaters /unit that provide good quality distilled water which is ideal, efficient and economical for use in general laboratories.





All products are made of borosilicate glass.

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Our experienced glassblowers can fabricate borosilicate glassware per customer requirement.



Fabrication of Custom-Made Scientific Glass Apparatus

We use first-rate borosilicate glass tubing to provide the Philippine market with locally manufactured scientific glass apparatus at a fraction of the cost of established brands.

Our experienced glassblowers fabricate scientific glass equipment based on specifications ranging from small to large, simple to complex.

Repair of Scientific Glass Products

Scientific glass products are costly and any means to maximize its usage is always sought by end-users. Based on the extent and nature of damage, broken glass apparatus are assessed for the possibility of repair.

Laboratory Supplies and Scientific Glass Products from Foreign Brands

We offer a range of laboratory and scientific glass products from Pyrex, VWR, Fisher, Cole Parmer, Arthur Thomas for your specific needs.

Set-up of New Laboratories

We assist in designing, furnishing and setting up new laboratories.


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B.E. Scientific Glass Instruments

Address: Stall #2 Bldg. 1 Albarracin Hall, Kamagong Centennial Dormitory, UP Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone: (02) 697-4761


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