Labserv, Inc. provides bacteriological (Heterotrophic Plate Count, Total and Fecal Coliforms) testing services for food companies, water refilling stations, hospitals and other businesses. Labserv, Inc. is accredited by the Department of Health (DOH) since 2002.

The laboratory started as a separate department at Marsson Industrial Corporation in 2000, which was then called as Marsson Quality Assurance Laboratory. On Jan. 14, 2002, Labserv, Inc. became an independent company that was duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The company also markets a chlorine dioxide-based disinfectant/sanitizer (Sanogene) from the US that is effective as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial (bactericide, virucide and fungicide). It is also an excellent water treatment chemical for industries like paper mills, sugar mills, poultry and piggery, breweries, desiccated coconut, paints and the agricultural sector.



Labserv, Inc. markets the following products:


Sanogene – Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide

SANOGENE is a stabilized chlorine dioxide-based disinfectant/sanitizer in liquid form from the US that is effective as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial (bactericide, virucide, fungicide, algaecide and slimicide).


It is an excellent choice chemical for all Food Manufacturing companies and industries like Paper Mills (slimicide), Sugar Mills (bactericide for control of sugar inversion and Leuconostocs), Poultry and Piggery (Salmonella, Foot and Mouth disease, etc.), Aquaculture / Fisheries, Paints and the Agricultural sector (bactericide and fungicide for bananas, potatoes and similar root crops). It is also well-known in the Medical / Pharmaceutical industry applications for SARS, Anthrax and other popular viruses that made headlines during the last decade.

Following are the key attributes of this product:



Anti-Bacterial Soap

Labserv, Inc. manufactures and distributes an anti-bacterial liquid soap that is suitable for cleaning glasswares, bottles and utensils used at water-refilling stations, offices and at home.



Labserv, Inc. provides the following laboratory services:

Other Services:



Industries we serve

Labserv, Inc. serves and distributes its products to a wide range of customers. Its clients include the following:


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