SentroTek or Sentro sa Pagsusuri, Pagsasanay at Pangangasiwang Pang-Agham at Teknolohiya Corp. was organized by a group of professionals, who believe they can be a major force in addressing the call for a higher level of competence in the field of science and technology into the new millennium.

SentroTek is equipped with excellent instrumentation that enables the laboratory to carry out the most rigorous and demanding analysis for a vast range of commodities in order to meet the testing requirements of our customers with a high degree of accuracy and integrity in the results.

SentroTek operates a quality management system based on ISO 9002 and ISO/IEC 17025 for the laboratory.



Laboratory Capabilities

  1. Foods, Food Products and Food Supplement Analysis
    • Complete nutritional analysis
    • Food quality analysis
    • Microbial analysis
    • Toxicity: Heavy Metals and Residue testing
    • Stability & shelf-life testing
  2. Drinking and Process Water Chemical and Microbiological analysis
  3. Dialysis Water Chemical and Microbiological analysis
  4. Food Safety and Hygiene audits and Analytical Services
  5. Fats and Oils Chemical and Microbiological Analysis
  6. Drugs, Herbal Medicines, Chemical and Microbiological analysis
  7. Feeds (Raw materials & Finished products) Chemical and Microbiological Analysis
  8. Fertilizers Chemical and Microbiological Analysis
  9. Cosmetics and Personal Hygiene Products Chemical and Microbiological Analysis
  10. Packaging Materials Chemical and Microbiological Analysis
  11. Environmental Services Chemical and Microbiological Analysis
    • Wastewater analysis
    • Surface and Marine waters
    • Soils, sediments & sludge
    • Stack emissions
    • Ambient air
  12. Other Services
    • Product advertising substantiation
    • Method development and validation
    • Hands-on training in instrumentation analysis
    • Customer-requested testing


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Sentrotek Corporation

Address: 208 Pilar Street, Mandaluyong City

Phone: (+63 2) 721-6500 | (+63 2) 721-9699 | (+63 2) 718-3514 | (+63 2) 718-3510

Fax: (+63) (2) 727-9016

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Sentrotek Corporation

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