Established in March of 1986, the company has always been an exclusive distributor of high technology instruments from reputable international manufacturers. The company also provides after-sales service to clients through a group of factory-trained Service Engineers. Hence, in its 30 years of existence, Dynalab has built a name in the industry for quality equipment with an efficient customer after-sales service.

Dynalab keeps abreast with new developments in the market through constant training, seminars and symposia with its principals. Dynalab sees the need to meet changing customer demands and is capable of recommending the most appropriate analytical equipment for the Petroleum Industry, Food and Pharmaceutical firms, Academe and Research Institutions and companies engaged in the Semiconductor / Electronics industry, Packaging, Power and Energy Generation, Personal Care and Hygiene, Detergents, Chemicals, Water, Environmental, etc.



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Dynalab Corporation

Address: Unit 905 Atlanta Centre, Annapolis St., Greenhills, San Juan City, Metro Manila

Phone: (632) 723-4710 / 727-8659 / 727-6270

Fax: (632) 721-5139


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Dynalab Corporation



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