Gryke Scientific Instruments Trading (GSIT) was established in January 04, 2001. The company’s primary interest involves Sales and Services of Laboratory and Testing equipment. By working in close-cooperation with our European and American partners, Gryke is able to provide an extensive range of products from simple to complex testing and analysis.




Material Test




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Calibration Service

Gryke Scientific Instruments Trading (GSIT) is also the only trading company that can offer calibration services. Our Calibration Laboratory is accredited by the Philippine Accreditation Office (PAO) in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025. Thus, assures our customer traceability to international standards and internationally trained calibration team.

Repair / Preventive Maintenance

Gryke Scientific Instruments Trading (GSIT) has been acknowledged by the Philippine Industry as one of the service provider of laboratory instruments. Our service commitment expands not only on our line of products but other product brands as well, our service team provides a variety of services which includes:

Service Support

We understand your adherence to global quality standards doesn’t stop at choosing the right equipment. Maintaining your equipment is a need too. That’s why Gryke Scientific Instruments Trading (GSIT) guarantees after sales service support for all our products. Internationally – trained Service Engineers is our answer to our customer’s repair and maintenance need.


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Gryke Scientific Instruments Trading

Address: 237-B Worth Drive, Savvy 25 Subdivision, Severina Km. 18, West Service Road, Parañaque City, 1700 Philippines

Phone: (632) 776-7140 | (632) 822-2376 | (632) 245-7969

Fax: (632) 824-5367


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Gryke Scientific Instruments Trading



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