Manufacturers, importers, local distributors, suppliers of WATER STORAGE, WATER TREATMENT, WATER HARDWARE products and brands. Vendors, contractors, companies offering sale, rental, installation, setup, repair and maintenance services.

Amici Water Heaters, Tanks, Pumps, Piping

Aquaprime Vitalite Commercial Reverse Osmosis

Bestank Water Tanks

Brownstone Asia-Tech ~ supplier of materials testing, analytical and laboratory equipment

Cebu Hi Q / Mindanao Premier Reverse Osmosis Systems

Chuan Hing High Capacity Tank

Concord Metal Fittings For Water Utilities

DPY Mercantile 5Star Solar Water Heater

EastAsia Solutions Technologies Corp ~ equipment supplier and contractor for water leak detection, flow metering and pressure management

Ecosystem Technologies ~ water purification, wastewater treatment, solid waste management

Goal Team Trading ~ water meters, flow meters, electric meters, fittings

Gotesco ~ supply, installation, maintenance & repair, rentals of water & wastewater treatment, pumps, sewage pumps, fire pumps

Greenpowerphils Solar Thermal Water Heating

Houston Bulk Water Supply

INCA Plastic Water Storage Tanks

Multipure Water Filtration

Nature's Blend Water Filtration, Rainwater Collection

Pure O3 ~ ozone products for air & water disinfection, filtration & purification

Siegen ~ storage tank fabrication, steel fabricator

Solahart Solar Water Heating

Transflow Pentair Fire Pump

Wah Phil Tankee Voyager Pressure Tank

Waters Bio Mineral Pot Home Water Purifier

Weida Commercial, Industrial Water Storage


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