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CHUAN HING METAL FABRICATOR CORPORATION was first established on a 1,200 square meter warehouse
in Bagong Barrio, Kaloocan City in 1998. After only 5 short years, with the help of its highly skilled craftsmen,
architects and engineers, it was able to establish itself as one of the most prolific and well respected
fabricator of varied metal works including stainless steel kitchen equipment, railings, structural trusses and
high capacity water tanks, most specially to the Philippine Chinese communities. In 2006, it moved its office
and fabrication plant on a 2,500 square meter warehouse along Rizal avenue in Kaloocan City where it’s now
presently operates. With its new and bigger plant, it is now more equipped to handle its growing number
of clients.

And now, the company has expanded its horizon by having its own principal subsidiaries in China. CHUAN HING
products and services now have three divisions. (1)The formworks & scaffoldings division, (2) Stainless,
Galvanized and Black Iron Steel fabrication division, this includes High Capacity Water / Fuel Tanks, (3) Stainless,
Brass and Chrome Plated Floor Drains of any kind. Estimates & Recommendations will be handled by our
professional and well-experienced Architects and Engineers. Its operation focuses quality assurance of our
products and services, long term business relationship with our clients and low costing of materials.
The company serves the market with its complete line of scaffoldings and formworks, structural and
architectural. All products are designed and fabricated with quality to complement efficiency in the workplace.

CHUAN HING has its own manufacturing facility and assembly plant in the Philippines ensuring year round
availability of raw materials and finished products and prompt delivery that affirm our commitment to our
client and to comply to the highest standard practices used in the market.


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  1. Fabrication of all types of steel framing (m/s, s/s, B.I., G.I.)
  2. High capacity water / fuel tank fabrication and installation (overhead, cistern)
  3. Estimate and consultation



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