Body Guard Water Systems is a water filtration specialist company that develops water technology filtration products for homes, institutions and industrial buildings. Body Guard also installs entire water systems within compounds and residential subdivisions to ensure water safety and quality.





Essential 88 Water Filter

Essential 88 Water Filter stops particulates larger than mesh opening, ignoring small particulates that can safely pass through the system. Cleans the entire screen area 100% from impurities. Screens are kept stable at all times. It is easy to install in any position.


The BG series can remove silt, scale, sand, dirt and organic materials such as algae from virtually all types of water sources. Typical applications include:




Water Vending Machine




Water Refilling Unit



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Body Guard Water Systems

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Body Guard Water Purifier - Makati

Address: 7844 Penthouse Mavenue Building, Makati Avenue, Makati City 1209

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Body Guard Water Systems

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