Manufacturers, importers, local distributors, suppliers of AGRICULTURAL products: fertilizers, pesticides, poultry / piggery / fishery equipment, farm machinery, garden supplies, livestock processing equipment.

Aljay Agro-Industrial

Amazon Plastic Crates

Atlanta Poultry Equipment

Atlas Fertilizer

Century Precision Scale Manufacturing ~ industrial platform weighting scales

ConEquip ~ importer, distributor of farm tractors and parts

Evergood Plastic Containers

First Philippine Scales Inc. ~ manufacturer of Fuji weighing scales

Gotesco ~ supply, installation, maintenance & repair, rentals of water & wastewater treatment, pumps, sewage pumps, fire pumps

Greengold Greenhouse Farms

Highland Tractor Parts

INCA Rice Drum Seeder

Innovative Fibre Industries ~ thermal insulation for swine and poultry

Jeida Livestock Farm Supply

Kubota Agricultural Machinery

Manly Pond & Irrigation Liners

MTech Asia ~ industrial weighing equipment manufacturer

Golden Bow Hand Tractors

Pacifica Agrivet Supplies

Philinstruments ~ exclusive distributor of geological, water, plant, soil, and environmental instruments

Plastmann Plastic Crates

Progressive Fighting Cock Feeds, Poultry Supply

Ramgo Seeds, Fertilizers, Garden Supplies

Sanko Plastic Crates

Schind Rapid Composter

Solaren Solar Irrigation Systems

SPCC Turnkey Machinery

Sumo Plus Hand Tractors

Sunelec Irrigation Solar Water Pump

The Turf Company ~ Toro irrigation system

Vemaval Livestock Farming & Processing Equipment

Weitex Industries ~ food processing machines, weighing scales


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