Innovative Fibre Industries is an Australian owned and operated company that has been manufacturing in Subic Bay since 2012. The company was founded by a group of Australian businessmen who have a significant number of years’ experience in the insulation and fibre manufacturing industry. The idea behind the business came from a demonstrated need for improved insulation options within Asia. IFI utilised their experience and know-how for manufacturing a quality natural fibre product for insulation purposes and modified the technology to create an equivalent product applicable for the market in Asia.

Since 2012 Innovative Fibre Industries has been steadily developing the cellulose insulation market within the Philippines, as well as exporting throughout South East Asia. IFI’s products take into consideration the specific needs and requirements of their customers and tailor make solutions to meet the standards necessary. IFI’s goal is to improve the Philippines building and agricultural industry by providing the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly insulation in the Philippines.

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The Material Revolutionising the Insulation Industry



Eco-friendly and made from waste paper and other scrap papers that are purchased locally around the Philippines. The waste paper is treated with borate minerals which act as a natural disinfectant to the materials.

The SHIELD range takes the superior quality of cellulose insulation and its associated benefits and has formed it into four key products to address any thermal, acoustic, or combination thermal and acoustic problem you have for any application.



An Innovative and Eco-Friendly Acoustic Insulation Solution

NoiseSHIELD is the perfect choice for the optimal absorption of sound and improved sound quality. It is versatile for a range of applications including residential, commercial and industrial and will reduce unwanted noise and increase privacy.

NoiseSHIELD is the optimal choice for an acoustic insulation

Applications for NoiseSHIELD include



An Innovative and Eco-Friendly Thermal Insulation Solution

HeatSHIELD can provide relief from the warm Philippines temperatures creating a barrier to the outside temperatures enabling an internal climate to be maintained. With HeatSHIELD cooling costs will be significantly reduced.

HeatSHIELD is a premium thermal insulation

Installing HeatSHIELD

Other Benefits



An Innovative and Eco-Friendly Combination Thermal and Acoustic Insulation Solution

WallSHIELD is the best all-rounder solution to address thermal and acoustic needs. An optimal internal climate can be maintained while privacy is increased and external noise is reduced.

WallSHIELD is the best choice for a combined thermal and acoustic insulation solution

Applications for wallSHIELD include



An Innovative and Eco-Friendly Agricultural Insulation Solution

AgriSHIELD is the best choice for your agrihouse insulation needs. It can enhance performance by maintaining internal climates which will in turn reduces heating and cooling costs. This increases the efficiency of the overall operation and results in reduced mortality.

AgriSHIELD is the best choice for your agricultural applications

Other Benefits



IFI offers a range of products and services for your insulation needs. Additionally, IFI offers hydroseeding mulch products.

Polyurethane and EPS Sandwich Panel

PU and EPS panels are an effective insulation choice for extreme climates or harsh environments. They make lightweight insulated walls and ceilings, are easy to install and have excellent thermal properties.



Rockwool is made from stone fiber and is an excellent soundproofing material. It is also a fire-safe insulation solution.



This insulation is a perfect solution when allergies are a concern. It will improve thermal performance and has excellent sound absorption properties.


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