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In the year 1968, Miguel Tan Sr. founded M&W Distributing Company, Incorporated. M&W traces its beginnings
to Binondo, Manila, where it started as a small dealer of utility engines. However, over decades of providing
machines for the agriculture and fishing industries, it has since grown into one of the Philippines' most respected
players in the utility engines industry.

In 1989, China State Shipbuilding Corporation, the largest shipbuilding facility in the People's Republic of China,
reached out to M&W to exclusively distribute its product lines.

In 1991, M&W acquired exclusive distributorship of the USA-made Tecumseh Gasoline Engines, adding a line of
engines from 3 to 18 horsepower to its product listing.

In 1996, German company Hatz Diesel Engines gave M&W exclusive distributorship. Motorenfabrik Hatz's products,
air-cooled diesel engines with a range of 4 to 80 horsepower, became available for Philippine buyers.

M&W, throughout the many years it has been in the market, has built a strong and long-lasting reputation in its
industry. M&W is known to be a solid, quality company, respected for its aggressive marketing and steady
after-sales support. The company gives due importance to the availability of spare parts, so customers can
depend on M&W for years to come.

In 1997, M&W became a member of the Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers and Distributors Association
Foundation, Inc., or AMMDA, the premier organization in the Philippine agricultural machinery market. AMMDA
comprises the majority of the country's major manufacturers, assemblers, and distributors, creating strong trade
connections among its members, not least of which is M&W.

Golden Bow Power Engines and Walk / Hand Farm Tractors

Golden Bow Power engines are light and compact. Meeting international standards for environmnetal protection,
and with a number of units for varying purposes, Golden Bow Power engines are a step above the rest. With bold,
beautiful aesthetics, and ease of starting, you can use Golden Bow Power engines for ploughing, water pumping,
boating, raising chickens/shrimp, as a generator - the possibilities begin here.

Other products and services

M&W Distributing Co., Inc. also provides a number of other products and services. We offer different kinds of
high-quality brush cutters, gasoline engines, household pumps, irrigation pumps, bench grinders, coconut graters,
welding machines, inverter welders, pitcher pumps, and spare parts.

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M&W Distributing Co., Inc.

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