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SPCC has been focusing on design and process innovation for agro-industrial machinery, using the latest available technology in the market today. SPCC is one of the local companies with technology, equipment facilities, huge manpower and technical services available 24/7 with manufacturing area approx. 2160m², 8,000m² in Batangas Plant and 20,000m² in Pangasinan Plant. Established in 1997, SPCC now has over 16 staffs and 109 manpower in three branches in Luzon area (Metro Manila, Pangasinan and Batangas).

SPCC has been also awarded with an exclusive distributorship from Chinese renowned feed milling equipment manufacturer, ZHENGCHANG INTERNATIONAL MACHINERY AND ENGINEERING CO. (ZCME) an ISO9001 and CE certificate holder for European market "Asia's famous brand" "National Key High-tech Enterprise in China" and "Chinese Industrial landmark brand". SPCC is also a dealer of Koch product from the USA, Express Scale and Almex from the Netherlands. With combined technology and continous product development, SPCC's product quality has been surpassing the standard quality of available product in the market nowadays, most specially for Feed mill parts and equipment.

SPCC has covered projects in many provinces all over the country, and at present. SPCC has already rendered services to over 100 clients ranging from feed milling, corn milling, slaughterhouse, rendering plant, coconut processing, organic fertilizer plant and equipment, waste recycling and MRF, spare parts and other tailored made machine for special uses, boiler and pressure vessel, bulk storage facilities, construction etc.


Climate Control Systems


Material Recovery Facility

Composting garbage or animal waste and convert it to bio organic fertilizer.


Feed Milling

For livestock, hog and poultry, aqua feeds, for shrimps and fish, for pet foods and ruminants.


Slaughter House

We design and install a complete line of slaughterhouse equipment for cattle, hog and poultry using the latest technology.


Material Handling

Store, convey and process equipment for different material applications.


Rendering Plants

We design and construct a complete line of rendering plants for fish, feathers and condemned meat products.


Pressure Vessel

Closed container designed to hold gases or liquids at a pressure substantially different from the ambient pressure.


Poultry Dressing Facility

Provides turnkey solutions to meet different client needs.


Construction Projects

We design and build turnkey facilities.


Packaging Machines

Our packaging machineries apply to feeds, food, chemicals, lubricants, petroleum etc.



Almex Extrusion Techniques | Best & Donovan | JCM International | Kentmaster | Longwood Industries | National Meat Inspection Service (NMIS)

Opticon Agri-system | Philgeps | Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) | Xianfei | YANTAI MOONZCME ISO 9001







Carcass Lowerator (Auger Type)



Carcass Spreader (Auger Type)



Wood Chipper



Decorticating Machine - Diesel Engine Driven



Cattle Knocking Box (Halal)



Organic Fertilizer Process



Hog Slaughtering 9



Hog Slaughtering 8



Hog Slaughtering 7



Hog Slaughtering 6



Hog Slaughtering 5



Hog Slaughtering 4



Hog Slaughtering 3



Hog Slaughtering 2



Hog Slaughtering 1



Paranaque Slaughterhouse 1



Paranaque Slaughterhouse 2



Slaughterhouse Equipment



Paranaque Slaughterhouse



Rotavator Side Shift Design



Pile Conveyor



Ribbon Mixer



Rotary Airlock



Micro Mixer



Pneumatic Conveyor



Hydraulic Truck Tilter



Rotary Dryer

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