ATLAS PRECISION ENVIRONMENT CORPORATION (APEC ) - is a 100% Filipino Company engaged in providing “Close-Control Equipment System Solutions” that ensure reliable operation of Intelligent Building Facilities, Casino Server Rooms, Clean Rooms, Computer Center Facilities, Telecommunication Cell-sites or Exchanges, Laboratories, Hospitals and other Specialty facilities Close-Controlled. It is incorporated and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on 24th November, 1995 under SEC Reg. No. AS095-011762. APEC was established primarily to engage in supply, installation, maintenance of computer support systems, telecommunication systems, premise wiring systems, access floor systems, system furniture, design and construction of data center and equipment rooms.



Data Aire Precision Air Conditioning Units

What is "Precision" Air?

Precision air is the virtually absolute control of the three prime elements of indoor air quality - temperature, humidity and airborne particulates.

The lack of control of any one of these factors can contribute to serious system and component failures. Costly downtime and excessive maintenance expenses are the result. Even short periods of service shutdown are unacceptable in many mission-critical applications.

Data Aire has created an integrated approach for the precise control of sensitive equipment room environments. By combining air processing functions, close-tolerance parameters can be easily maintained.

Fully programmable, and computer monitored, Data Aire systems can provide peace-of-mind, and the assurance that sensitive equipment is receiving the best protection available.

Available Units for, Floor mounted, Ceiling Mounted, and other specialty units.


INVT Uninterruptible Power Supply

What is UPS?

UPS is a type of power supply that is use to maintain power in the event of a sudden power outage or brownouts. UPS also act as filter to protect critical loads from 9 power problems coming from our commercial power.

UPS is consist of a Static Bypass, Rectifier, Inverter and Battery.

Invt Company information:

Is the leading total power solution manufacturer in China, INVT POWER is committed to offer high quality products and service to global customers. The powerful R&D ability insures that products and solutions are the best choice for critical power applications.

INVT established the most powerful R&D platform for power supply development in China. The platform includes components lab, performance lab, mechanical environmental lab, climate environment lab, EMC lab and safety lab. Due to all of these technologies and platform, INVT products are considered to be the most advanced and reliable in China.

The product lines cover modular UPS, high frequency UPS, low frequency UPS, EPS, inverter, telecom rectifier, battery. the power ranges from 0.5kVA to 800kVA.


ZT Floor Raised Flooring System

Why raised floor?

Raised floor is a device for use in environment where all sophisticated equipment like computer room, control room, switching room, container van must be well kept in order for an efficient working condition.

ZTFLOOR raised-flooring systems have a complete line of raised-floor materials to cater to various range and scope from accommodations for the single mainframe to large corporate server farms, data center to high-tech clean rooms.



Anti Static / Conductive Vinyl Tiles

In order to prevent the damaged caused by electrostatic discharge both UL and NFPA strongly recommend the use of conductive floor. HUAJING Vinyl Tile is a high tech material that satisfies their specification requirements completely and is necessary in the environment of up – to – date industries and living.




ELSA Water Leak Detection System

Early Leak System Apparatus

Available in advanced locating panel, locating panel and non-locating panel.

Sensing cable for water to volatile liquid ubstance available.


Chemetron FM-200 Fire Suppression System

FM – 200 is the clear choice for fast, clean fire protection agent. Introduced as a halon replacement in 1993, it quickly gained acceptance as world’s leading clean gaseous fire extinguishing agent. When it comes to fire protection, there can be no compromise.

FM – 200 extinguishes fire via a combination of chemically based fire inhibition and cooling. It is environmentally acceptable, safe to use with sensitive equipment, fast acting, efficient and effective.

Chemetron FM – 200 works hand in hand with state-of-the-art control and detection components to identify and extinguish fires, long before substantial fire damage can occur. Without changing your control panel or detection systems, an existing system can be easily converted to FM-200.



Solar Attic Fans

APEC Provides Solar Attic Fans. Solar attic fans are Solar Powered Fans which is installed on top of the Roof/Attic/Ceiling to eliminate heat in those areas. By eliminating heat in those areas, the space below the attic/Ceiling will be much cooler and will be beneficial for the savings for its users.



24/7 On-Call Service:

APEC Provides Service even service calls are made beyond office hours. We have Well Trained Engineers and Technicians which are always on standby and ready to Answer your call and respond to your service needs any time of the day, any day of the week. The goal of APEC is to provide our customers with top service quality to assure that our clients perform what they do at their best condition to help them achieve their business goals successfully.

Comprehensive Maintenance Programs:

Comprehensive Mission-Critical Plus- Maintenance Program

All defective or worn-out parts shall be replaced at no additional cost to include all “consumable parts” like for example, Condenser fans, Compressor, Filter-drier, TEV, Air-Filters, belts, and refrigerant gasses, pipe fittings and valves. Services include periodic preventive maintenance inspections plus unlimited number of corrective service calls a year, 24x7.

Comprehensive Mission-Critical- Maintenance Program

All defective or worn-out parts shall be replaced at no additional cost, except “consumable parts” like for example in Precision Air Conditioners: Condenser fan, Compressor, pumps, Filter-drier, TEV, Air-Filters, belts, refrigerant gasses and pipe fittings & valves,. Services include periodic preventive maintenance inspections plus unlimited number of corrective service calls a year, 24x7.


OTHER Product Lines


ATLAS PRECISION ENVIRONMENT CORP. (APEC) is a PCAB Contractor that specialize in Integrated Systems Services that provides customers’ facilities with proper protection and optimized operation. As an authorized distributor and dealer, our services include Project Design and Development, Supply, Installation and After Sales of the product lines and system.



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