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Atlanta Poultry Plastic Flooring

Atlanta Plastic Poultry Floorings are becoming widely used in the poultry industry to replace the traditional floorings made of wood or wire slats in poultry breeding houses. Poultry flooring made of high-impact polypropylene material provide provides superior impact and wear resistance. It reduces footpad problems, leg problems, and breast blister that chickens experienced with wood slats. The Plastic flooring is more durable and will easily outlast wood slats. And unlike wire slats, plastic poultry flooring are rot/corrosion proof, and the plastic material resists microorganism build up and sheds waste easily.


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Atlanta Plastic Eggtray

Atlanta Plastic Eggtray is the first eggtray in the country with an interlocking design system. It is great for storing eggs, they are ventilated to allow air to circulate around the eggs so are ideal for drying eggs quickly after they have been washed.

They can be washed and re-used. Each tray is approx 12" square and holds 30 eggs.


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Atlanta Drip Driptape with Integral Emitter

Atlanta Drip has been the product of choice for commercial farmers and backyard gardeners for years. It is economical and effective for watering long, straight row crops.



Atlanta Chicken Feeder & Water Trough System

Atlanta Water Trough and Chicken Feeder System is agricultural system specially made for food and water supplication for mass poultry stocks.


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