Vemaval's operations are divided into two distinct areas of competence. The POLYMER PRODUCTS division remains to be the premium supplier of high performance polyurethane stock shapes and fabricates. The division has also developed its own brand of Zeelaq Safety Surfaces, for playground and other safety applications. The AGRI-ENGINEERING division deals with machinery and equipment, and continues to play a significant role in the modernization of poultry and swine industries, and their related food processing lines in the Philippines.


Layer Cage Systems

Atlanta Cage Model

Naturally Ventilated Systems


Universal Comfort Model

Climate-Controlled Systems




Broiler & Breeder Equipment

Feeding Lines

Feed all types of poultry with customizable equipment.


Drinking Lines

Easily activated by birds, with electrical or manual winching systems.



Allows centralized, feed-level adjustments.


Chain Feeders

Flexible and versatile feeding systems with independent hopper and drive units.



Wide range of models allowing comfortable and natural environment for birds as well as clean, safe egg collection.



Safe and durable, with varying capacity.



Slat washers, cooling systems, and much more.


Piggery Equipment

Auger Feed Transport Systems

Seamless flow and distribution of feed with simple, economical operation.


Chain and Disk Feed Transport Systems

Easily adjustable conveyor drive systems made from stainless steel.


Electronic Sow Feeding Systems

Single-animal identification and computer-controlled feeder simulate a natural, comfortable, healthy, and low-cost group environment for sows.


Feeders, Drinkers, and Pans

Wide array of customizable equipment to provide nutrition for pig livestock.



Robust, functional, and precise feed dispensers that are easy to adjust and assemble.



Creates comfortable microclimates for piglets at ideal, healthy temperatures at low energy consumption.



Durable, flexible slats allowing easy removal of excrement while providing comfort and hygiene for pig livestock.


Panels and Pen Dividers

Highly durable, strong, and lightweight panels, doors, and hinges that are easy to install and clean.


Solid-Liquid Separator

Slurry management system to safely filter and efficiently dispose of pig farm residue and comply with higher global environmental standards.


Dosing Systems

Dosing Injectors

Dosing pumps and medicators to accurately and safely provide antibiotics, vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements, vaccines, and much more, to any farm livestock.


Waste Management Systems

Clean Emission Incinerators

The VOLKAN series is a fuel-efficient and powerful World Standard incinerator, available at various sizes and capacities, from compact and low-volume incinerators, to powerful and high-capacity models. Each VOLKAN incinerator is ideal for the disposal of pet, livestock, and other animal carcasses.

​Improper treatment of poultry waste can result in the spread of animal disease, land and water pollution, and the spread of vermin. Investing in a Waste Spectrum poultry incinerator allows for immediate biosecure disposal of pet and livestock carcasses, reducing the risk of cross-contamination, and eliminates the risks associated with fallen stock collection.

From a financial and bio-secure standpoint, all Waste Spectrum incinerators:


Climate Control & Ventilation

Fans and Ventilation

We offer a wide array of exhaust fans that may be suited for any poultry or livestock building, whether utilizing tunnel-, cross-, or combination-ventilation systems. All fans combine high airflow capacity with energy efficiency and low noise.


Cooling Pads and Devices

​We provide simple and economical ways to cool and humidify air flowing into animal spaces, allowing for a uniform and stable climate while ensuring health and comfort for livestock.


Control Systems

Intelligent systems comprising sensors and agri-computers allow for real-time monitoring and adjustment of airflow, temperature, and humidity in individual sections or the entire house. User-friendly panels integrate with computerized feeding systems and allow easy touch-screen operation, or remote control from the convenience of one's personal computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Poultry Processing Equipment

We offer a wide range of equipment to serve all your poultry food processing needs, at any stage in the cycle, whether related to:


Meat Further Processing Equipment

For any desired end food product, whether boneless or boned, portioned or filled, pre-marinated or breaded, we offer a wide range of equipment to serve all your further processing needs, at any stage in the cycle, whether related to:


Vemaprene™ Polyurethane Products

Vemaprene™ Polyurethane belongs to the castable elastomer group. Its elasticity is between that of plastics and common rubbers. It is a unique design and construction material combining many of the advantages of rigid plastics, metals, and ceramics with the extensibility of rubber. It offers a number of physical and dynamic properties which enable its produce to meet a wide range of demanding applications.



Because of its dynamic properties, Vemaprene™ finds its way into a wide and diverse range of applications as follows:


Zeelaq Safety Surfaces

Throughout the Philippines, we make safe, cushioning, non-slip surfaces that protect people and flooring alike, while remaining durable and colorful in all weather conditions. They may be customized to clients' preferred designs, whether to stimulate play, provide educational value, or promote branding. These surfaces may be used in:

Some of our projects


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Dosing Systems

Waste Management Systems

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Meat Further Processing Equipment

Vemaprene Polyurethane Products

Zeelaq Safety Surfaces

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