6. Organic Waste Composter

What is Composting?

Food and all organic wastes in the waste bin will naturally decompose, thanks to microorganisms that help the environment by feeding on the decaying detritus.

Composting is an activity or a system which hastens the natural decay process of organic materials by creating ideal conditions for microorganisms to thrive. The result of this accelerated process is nutrient-rich soil that can help crops, plants, and trees to grow.

In-vessel Composter Schind IVC 1535

Our In-vessel Composter is the most efficient way of composting. It works by controlling the temperature by regularly turning the compost through a timer that is controlled by the user. The turning rate is determined by the user depending on the heat of the compost pile. Oxygen is injected into the vessel by a blower which automatically turns on when the compost is turned. This removes the hot low oxygen air and injects cold high oxygen air into the compost.

Our process will maximize the rate of decomposition, and provide you with high quality compost. There is no better composter in the market today. Beware of false rapid composter claims! We can design the right composter for you. Call us now, and we will give you the best design for the amount of compost that you are planning.

The Schind IVC 1535 can produce 1 to 3 tons per week depending on the knowledge and skill of the user.

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