Manufacturers, importers, local distributors, suppliers of INDUSTRIAL products and brands. Vendors, contractors, companies offering sale, rental, installation, setup, repair and maintenance services of industrial products.

Acez ~ test and measurement instruments for temperature, pressure, humidity, level and flow processes

Air Liquide Lasing Gases

Assistco ~ thermal insulation, mechanical seals, pumps repair

Atlas Copco Compressed Air

Backje Milling Machine Accessories

Baron Used Air Compressors

BIG Engineering Plastic Injection, Mold Fabrication

BVTC ~ supplier of pressure gauges and switches valves, controls, pneumatic components and instrumentation

Concord Metal Fittings For Water Utility Companies

Corro Coat ~ powder coating manufacturer providing color solutions to industrial and commercial applications

Famous Secret Precision Machining

Festo Pneumatics & Automation

GYH Belts, Hoses, Bearings, Chains, Couplings

Highland Tractor Parts

Hytorc Bolting

Icon Industrial Controls Systems ~ design, supply, install and commission equipment for POWER, MARINE, MINING, WATER, OIL & GAS industries

Imosco ~ equipment and supplies for the mining, quarrying, construction, sugar, brewery, ceramics, paper and food industries

Incophil Steel Works

KIMIKA Engineered Plastics

Metrowide ~ supply and services of gas detectors for combustible gases, oxygen, volatile organic compounds and toxic gases

MTech Asia ~ industrial weighing equipment manufacturer

Nito Seiki CNC Machining

Octo Asea TIG Welder

OEME Pumps, Robots, CNC Machines

Prime Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Rallyson Hydraulic Hose

Simplex Industrial Seals, Hoses & Fittings

Sinofil ~ filtration systems, separation systems for oil, water, air & gases, cleanroom equipment & consumables, air HEPA filter & wiremesh demister

SPCC Agro-Industrial Machinery

Systems Controls Instrumentations, Inc. ~ supplier of various instruments and test equipment for electrical, analytical and process control

Topphand Rilon Inverter Welders

Trackstar Hydraulics

Trisco Stud Welding, Post Weld Heat Treatment

United Power ~ high pressure steam valves

Vemaval Polyurethane Products

Victor Hardware Air Compressors


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