A worldwide leading provider of compressed air, power, steam and nitrogen rental equipment and services.

With our industry-leading fleet, our global network of rental depots and service centers in more than 50 countries, we can meet any planned or emergency needs.

Each new customer request triggers a streamlined logistics process.

24/7 Service

State-of-the-art equipment

By constantly developing innovative products to meet the needs of modern industry, we are able to offer exactly the right quality of compressed air to meet your diverse requirements.

We deliver the right equipment on time every time!

Atlas Copco (Philippines) Inc was established on March 30, 1967 in Metro Manila with more than 50 years presence nationwide. Our head office is located at Laguna Technopark, Binan, Laguna, (Manila) with branch offices located in Cebu, Cagayan de Oro and Davao serving the electronics, semicon, construction, cement, agriculture, mining, automotive, food & beverage and general manufacturing segments with our products and aftermarket services.

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Why rental?

Fast and reliable service

Each rental comes with exceptional service to meet all your needs. From customizing your ideal equipment needs with our sales team, to providing routine maintenance from our experienced technicians to keep your projects running smoothly, we are with you each step of the way 24/7. Our triple ISO certification allows us to give you the strictest quality, environmental, health and safety assurance.

Expert service: we think along with you.

Customized solutions

With Atlas Copco Rental, you never get “just the machines”.

We pride ourselves in providing exceptional service, which means you get exactly what you want when you need it. Our team manages the entire process from start to finish.


Rental Services

For short- or long-term demands, for planned contingencies or unexpected emergencies: you get the most cost- and energy-effective solutions. From oil-free or oil-lubricated compressed air at medium or high pressure to generators for power, steam and/or nitrogen, Atlas Copco Rental Fleet disposes of state-of-the art material to design a custom-made solution that will meet your needs. Our engineers design the most suitable temporary installation, accessories are part of the total package. Quality of service, environmental care and personnel safety are guaranteed by our triple ISO certification- an industry first.

We match industry specific rental demands with the equipment and the necessary accessories to your exact application.

Whether for straightforward use or complex projects, small and large: call in Atlas Copco Rental for continuous and cost-effective compressed air, nitrogen and more for peak performances in all industry sectors. Perfectly controlled, perfectly conditioned to your needs.

Oil-free air compressors for rent

Industrial air compressors for all key sectors

Our wide range of oil-free compressors supplies 100% oil-free air for all critical applications.


Our Class Zero equipment is ISO-certified - an industry first. Oil-free air has plenty of advantages:

Oil-lubricated air compressors for rent

Industrial air compressors for all key sectors

Compressor rental for all applications and industries

For short- or long-term demands, for planned contingencies or unexpected emergencies: you can rely on our compressors for an efficient industrial air supply - exactly how and when you need it. Our engineers design the most suitable temporary installation. A fast set-up and a cost- and energy-effective approach are part of the total package, all completely tailored to your specific application.

Air treatment equipment for rent

We carry a complete line of air treatment equipment to match our compressor fleet and your needs

Nitrogen generators for rent

For short- or long-term demands: rent our nitrogen generators for an efficient high quality onsite supply around the clock.

Looking for an efficient and safe high quality onsite nitrogen supply?

Our innovative approach sets new standards in energy-efficiency and autonomy for a steady nitrogen supply of industrial quality, suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Power generators for rent

Designed to perform and built to last

Minimize downtime and maximize production with our temporary industrial power supply solutions.

For short- or long-term demands: get the most cost- and energy-effective approach.

Steam boiler solutions

Temporary solutions for on-site steam generation. Complete solutions including all required accessories and (de)commissioning service.

Offshore equipment for rent

Compressors, on-site nitrogen generators, power and steam solution for the offshore industry.

Don’t go to sea without a reliable installation, with robust and certified equipment. Atlas Copco Rental supplies RigSafe and Zone 2 compressors and on-site nitrogen generators that plug seamlessly into our compressed air installations. But also offshore-approved, compact and lightweight power generators, robust steam boilers and all matching accessories.

Whatever stage your project is in, we have a temporary solution to match. With DNV 2.7-1 certified lifting frames and slings, corrosion resistant paint and components, our offshore equipment is built for the rigors of rough sea.

An Atlas Copco Rental solution always comes complete with:


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Atlas Copco

Address: North Main Avenue, Lot 12, Block 2, Laguna Technopark, Binan, Laguna, 4024 Philippines

Phone: +632 584 4757 | +632 843 0535 to 39

E-mail: acpi@ph.atlascopco.com

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Atlas Copco

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Rental Services

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