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Provide us your design/drawings and we estimate the cost at once free of charge. We do actual
inspection without additional costs.


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HARP 250/400/500
Highly Abrasive Resistant Plates with Brinell hardness of 250, 400 and 500 for construction, cement, mining,
civil engineering and forming equipment.


STEINSTAHL 140/ 337/ 045
Special alloy steel solid and hollow bars, AISI 4140, 4340 and 1045. For general engineering purposes such as
shafts, gears, pins, connecting rods, bolts and other fastener or connecting components.



For sandblasting (by compressed air or centrifugal wheel), for shot peening and for surface treatment. Round
steel shots for removing applications, descaling, simple snagging, shot peening. Has mass effect with maximum
rebound and the obtained roughness is less and soft. Angular grits for trimming and descaling. It is angular when
new and grain becomes round during usage, hence the cut effect is connected to the mass effect.


STAINLESS 310S / 304
Stainless steel for moderately high temperature suitable for furnace parts, burner parts, heat exchange, etc.
With good conductibility, toughness and weldability. Exhibit good resistance to corrosion to oxidizing and
carburizing atmosphere.


Pins, Hammermill Beaters, Perforated Sheets, Cutting Edges, Blades, Plates and other parts of equipment
used in steel, cement, construction and chemical industries.

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