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Atlanta Ceiling Board & T-Runner

Atlanta PVC T-Runner is another innovative product made from virgin PVC resin for a maximum quality delivery. It is an alternative for traditional gypsum board ceilings, for interior use such as office, residential, commercial Buildings.


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Atlanta PVC Partition

Atlanta Partition is ideally designed for toilet partition in big buildings such as hotels, restaurants, malls, hospital, schools, and others. It can also be used as office partitions, cubicles, reception counter and the like.


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Atlanta Duraroof PVC Roofing and Sidings

Atlanta Duraroof is made of high quality Homogeneous Colored PVC materials in which perennial problems of rust painting and maintenance is zero. It is an all-weather roofing and siding panels wuited for tropical climates and for High Level Corrosive Areas like seaside and chemically fumes places.


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Atlanta Duracon uPVC Rainwater Gutter & Downspout System

Atlanta Duracon®, the new and improved Gutter and Downspout system made of uPVC which is best for draining rainwater from roofs of houses and factories.


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Atlanta Unique PVC Wall & Ceiling Panels

Atlanta Unique PVC Wall and Ceiling Panels are environment-friendly. Wood Panels consume much of the earth’s diminishing forests. Being made of PVC, Atlanta Unique PVC Wall and Ceiling Panels do not contribute to the depletion of natural resources. The Panels are also not susceptible to termite and wood tick infestations.

Atlanta Unique PVC Wall and Ceiling Panels are pre-painted and easy to install, cutting down on installation costs. The Panels also do not fade or chip and area waterproof, making it maintenance-free as well as economical.

The materials that you choose for your office and for your home should be beautiful, elegant, durable and easy to maintain.  Atlanta Unique PVC Wall and Ceiling Panels have all these qualities and more: acid and alkali resistant, easy to install and waterproof. With wide range of colors and designs, Unique PVC Wall and Ceiling Panels are versatile enough to be installed in any room in the home or in the office.

Atlanta Unique PVC Wall and Ceiling Panels come in a vast spectrum of captivating colors and brilliant finishes, ideal for any area of your home or your office. Elegant and attractive, yet uncompromising toughness, Atlanta Unique PVC Wall and Ceiling Panels provide you with a wide selection of designs to suit your taste and your personality.

Atlanta Unique PVC Wall and Ceiling Panels are not only colorful and attractive but durable as well. Made of high-grade Polyvinyl Chloride, the Panels are acid and alkali Resistant. Unlike metal spandrels, the Panels will not rust corrode or disintegrate.


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Atlanta PVC TileTrim

For a finished and well-made look, Atlanta Tile Trim is the solution. It made in PVC material to protect the tile edge from chipping off thus taking your investment safe. It is easy to install and comes with a range of different colors fit for the chosen tile designs.


Atlanta PVC Open-Canal Grating

Atlanta PVC Open-Canal Grating is formulated with maximum U.V. inhibitors added to 100% virgin exterior grade impact resistant PVC resin. Parallel slip-resistant chamfered on side is embossed into the grating top surface as a standard safety feature. Perpendicular to drainage trench in straight or curves configurations 50 pcs. per linear meter.


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Atlanta PVC Fence

Atlanta Classique PVC Fence Systems available for a wide range of commercial, residential and industrial applications. Made from durable polyvinylchloride (PVC) Classique Fence is durable and long lasting. This new system is recommended in the country especially for residential and commercial use. Designed to prevent rust caused by salty air in coastal areas, sulfuric acid near volcanoes and polluted air near high-density areas.

Classique will enhance the value of your property because this revolutionary method requires little or no maintenance normally experienced with conventional wood-type or iron fencing.

The panels are easy to install using then notching tool for the locking tab method, or by securing profiles with a retaining screw.


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Atlanta Ecowood

Atlanta Industries introduced the environment-friendly recycle system in the production process of Atlanta Ecowood  to improve lifestyle and for the benefit of people. Atlanta Ecowood for deck has the best quality in terms of durability and water resistance. More convenient atmosphere is guaranteed for outside places.


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Atlanta Baseboard

Atlanta PVC Baseboard is architectural and aesthetical finishing solution for any houses and other establishments. With unique designs, plain to wood grain, it fits right to your home. Easy to install and easy to maintain.

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