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3. Sewage Water Treatment & Rain Water Collection Products


Atlanta JDL Compact Sewerage Treatment & Reuse Water Plant (FMBR Technology)

Atlanta JDL STP is powered with FMBR Technology; FMBR Technology is an innovative technology by cultivating composite
bacteria in the sewage treatment system and creating a faculative environment. In this environment, various microorganisms
are coexisted and form a microbial food chain, and the simultaneous and efficient treatment of sewage and sludge is achieved.

The FMBR process is a short treatment process which can synchronously remove BOD, nitrogen, and phosphorus and discharge
little organic sludge during the operation period.


Advantages of FMBR Compared over Traditional Technology

We can find that the traditional wastewater treatment technology has a complicated treatment process as well as discharges
a large number of sludge. This will cause adjacent effect resulting in the mode of long-distance conveyance and centralized
process for the wastewater treatment, That is to say, the household wastewater is collected by the pipeline and then
conveyed to a place where is far away from the wastewater source. This mode exists problems as follow:

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Atlanta Sewer & Drain Main Gravity Sewer and Drain uPVC Piping System

Atlanta Sewermain can be used for main sewer system and other underground waste piping system, which requires big
diameter pipes. It is commonly specified for sewerage and drainage systems in commercial and industrial factories,
high rise buildings and housing projects. This conforms to PNS/ISO 4435 and ISO R-161.


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Atlanta HDPE Spiral High Density Polyethylene Pipes & Fittings

Atlanta HDPE Spiral is used for storm drain and under-drain under foot ways, Under-drain under “U” shape open gutter,
slope drain, catch drain for gushy water, building lots for factories, land-slippage protection, home lots, drainage for sports
and school grounds, drainage for agricultural field, treatment site for anti-pollution industries, storm drain in golf courses,
and drain from back filling into tunnel walls.


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Atlanta HDPE Sovent Soil & Ventilation Stack Piping System

Atlanta Sovent HDPE is highly suitable for all types of drainage including above ground, below ground and chemical waster.
Can be use for residential or industrial construction, for laboratories, conventionally installed or prefabricated, embedded in
concrete or underground.


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