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8. Electrical Conduit


Atlanta Permaflex PVC Corrugated Flexible Conduit

Permaflex PVC Corrugated Flexible Conduit offers you wide range technical properties for your cable and wire management application against not only mechanical damage but also the influences of UV radiation, weathering and chemical. It is widely used for protecting wires and cables harnesses in automotive, equipment, railway etc. It also can be used for protecting the hydraulic hoses.


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Atlanta Telecom Pipe Telecommunication Piping System

Atlanta Telecom is uPVC & HDPE Telecommunication piping system. It is specially made for telephone service wirings, electric wirings, and optic fibers.

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Atlanta Safti uPVC Wire Trunking

Atlanta Safti® is best for the protection of additional exposed wiring for lighting, convenience outlets, intercom, aircon, computer, TV, stereo and other appliances.


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Atlanta Coil HDPE Coil Conduit Pipe

Atlanta Coil is widely used for the installation of Underground Power and Telecommunication Cables such as Cables, Fiber Optics and other Utility cable Projects. It can also be used for Gas Drainage, Waste Containment Facilities and Subsoil Drainage such as Road, Sports Fields and General.


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Atlanta Cable Tray

Atlanta Cable Tray is use for basement, tunnel and chemical industry plant for cable engineering, manufacturing plant and exposed service entrance building, airports and assembly plants.


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