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5. Fire Protection Products


Atlanta Fesco Fire Sprinkler

FESCO Sprinklers are thermo-sensitive glass bulb sprinklers available in different finishes and temperature rating to meet design
requirements. These sprinklers are standard spray pattern to meet approval of agencies requirements. The Nickel-Chrome plate
sprinklers are decorative & attractive so it is well matched to customer’s interior decoration. In addition, Nickel-Chrome plating
might be utilized to extend the life of copper alloy sprinkler, although it has passed the standard corrosion test.


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Atlanta Fesco 3-in-1 Fire Pump

The Atlanta Compact Fire Sprinkler System is the current choice of homeowners and builders for one big reason: “Completeness”.
Complete and independent Fire Sprinkler design with the state of the art technology developed in protecting our lives and properties.


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Atlanta Blazemaster Fire Protection Pipes & Fittings

Blazemaster® pipe and fittings are designed specifically for fire sprinkler systems. They are made from a specialty thermoplastic
known chemically as post-chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC). Blazemaster® pipe and fittings provide unique advantages in
sprinkler installations include superior hydraulics in comparison to traditional metal systems, ease of jointing, increased hanger
spacing in comparison to other thermoplastics and ease od assembly. They also are based on a technology with a continuous and
proven service history of more than 30 years.


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Atlanta TS Fire Pump 25-in-1 Smart Pump

The Atlanta TS 25 in 1 Smart Fire Pump is a movable and integrated design yet it is very easy to unpack and assembly all of
the components as well as the control system, saving the time required for moving and installation.

In designing terminals are reserved in order to link it to the monitoring modules of intelligent buildings, thus ensures them safety
of building. Auto-inspection system can also be added to the smart fire pump package, allowing customers to set the
auto-inspection time interval at will in a timesaving manner. This also assures better safety.

As the main pump consumes a large amount of water, a jockey pump can be added to replace it work when there is a pipe leakage
or only small amount of water is required for work. This reduces frequency of starting the main pump and saves power as well as
make free from the noise produced by pump engines, living quality is thus improved.

Our fire fighting consultants are at your services all the time. Product cataloguers operating manuals are available upon request.

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