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Atlanta PVC Sheet Pile Superior Flood & Erosion Control

Atlanta PVC Sheet Pile offers tremendous value to almost any sheet piling project. Lower cost than steel concrete alternatives. Atlanta PVC Sheet Pile is strong, light-weight, long-lasting, UV and impact resistant. Atlanta PVC Sheet Pile is inert: does not rust, corrode or crack. It is build to retain its structural integrity for decades.


Dikes & Flood Walls

Atlanta PVC Sheet Pile is an excellent option for flood protection walls. Either as a stand-alone wall or to increase the height of an existing dike or in a terraced multi-wall system, Atlanta PVC Sheet Pile is a cost-effective solution to protecting flood-prone areas.

Erosion Barriers

Atlanta PVC Sheet Pile has long been used to control erosion at the interface between land & water. Property located on lakes, canals, pond, and other waterways is subject to erosion that can recede the shoreline. PVC Sheet Pile provides a permanent solution that eliminates erosion and improves the use & functionality of the property.

Road Construction

Atlanta PVC Sheet Pile can be used several ways in road construction. First, for roads that are built across a slope, Atlanta PVC Sheet Pile has been used as a retaining wall to allow construction of a shoulder and to diminish the gravitational stress on the roadbed. Second, it can be used as a cut-off or seepage wall to keep subterranean water away from bridge abutments and road supports.


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Atlanta PVC Bar Spacer

Atlanta PVC Bar Spacer has been designed to support both mesh and large bars in suspended decks, pre-cast beams and panels, and tilt-up applications. As an alternative to wire chairs and concrete blocks in several applications, the Atlanta PVC Bar Spacer are lighter, offer dual heights and have no rust problem.

The correct quality and depth of concrete cover to the reinforcement is of great importance both for the durability of reinforced and pre-stressed concrete structure and for their fire resistance. According to EN1992-1-1:2004 design of concrete structures. General rules for building “The reinforcement is to be placed with a fixing cover, so that there is a high degree of probability that the minimum reinforcement cover.


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Atlanta PVC Plastering Guide

Atlanta Plastering Guide is another PVC innovation, which serves as a guide in plastering concrete during construction to achieve an even plaster.


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Atlanta Aquaseal PVC Waterstop

Atlanta Aquaseal® (PVC Waterstop) is the most modern & advance water sealing product developed to meet the specific requirements of designers & builders. It prevents seeping through of liquids in dams, basements, aqueducts, swimming pools, roof decks, tanks reservoirs, underpasses, canals, cellars and other watertight structures. It conforms with U.S. Corps of Engineers specification CRD-572-70.


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