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Atlanta Permaline uPVC Electrical Conduit System

Atlanta Permaline is highly suitable for the protection of electrical wires and cables. It comes with thick wall, which is recommended for exposed and embedded application, respectively. Conforms to the specifications of the Bureau of Products Standards, PNS 14.


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Atlanta DWV uPVC Sanitary Piping System

Atlanta DWV Sanitary Pipe is specifically designed for above and underground sanitary piping system. It is ideal for drain, waste and vent installation. Approved by contractors, architects, engineers and private homeowners. This conforms to ASTM D 2729 specification.


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Atlanta Blue In House Potable Water uPVC Piping System

Atlanta Blue In House is water-piping system manufactured according to ISO R-161 and conforms to PNS 65. It is accepted & widely used by architects, piping designers & contractors. It is applicable for water supply engineering, construction engineering, salt water engineering agricultural ground, fish breeding & poultry raising, and golf course engineering.


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