Manufacturers, importers, local distributors, suppliers of GARDEN and LANDSCAPING supplies. Vendors, contractors, companies offering landscape design and landscaping maintenance services.

Atalian Grounds Maintenance Services

Delgado Bamboo Fence

Detalia Aurora Planters

Earth Garden Landscaping

EW Flower Container

F6 Pool Builder, Landscape Contractor

Forest Treasures Plants and Landscapes

Grajo Bamboo Fence

Grass + Arts Landscaping & Swimming Pool Construction Contractor

Green World Builders Landscape Architects

GT Stone Pavers

Heinimex Artistic Reproductions

ISS Facility Services

J-eann Landscaping Services

Riviera Filipina Claybricks Pavers

Simply Petals Garden Landscaping Contractor

The Turf Company ~ Toro grounds maintenance equipment

Weida Planters

WTG Landscape Design & Development


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Earth Garden ~ landscape design, supply of garden and landscaping materials


F6 Swimming Pool Builders ~ pool construction, renovation, repair, cleaning services


Forest Treasures ~ award winning collection of Philippine rare and exotic plant species


Grajo Bamboo Store


Grass & Arts ~ swimming pool construction, landscaping services


Green World Builders ~ landscaping contractor


GT Stone Works ~ manufactured wall cladding, natural stones, paving blocks


Heinimex ~ manufacturer and exporter of decorations and reproductions for home and garden


Manila Bamboo Store


Simply Petals ~ landscaping supplies and services to hobbyists and contractors


The Turf Company ~ Toro lawn mowers, irrigation systems, Polytron lubricant, Golf course car


WTG ~ general contracting, landscaping, construction management


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