ISS Group was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1901 and has grown to become one of the world’s leading facility services companies with revenues in 2016 amounting to DKK 79.2 billion. The secret to our success lies in how we tailor our solutions to client needs, how we manage risk, and how our engaged team of approximately 490,000 employees with points of operation in more than 50 countries around the world.


Integrated Facility Services

ISS offers a wide range of service solutions, from single services to fully Integrated Facility Services (IFS) that combine all of the customer's service and support functions into one single solution.

We offer in-depth knowledge and expertise, many years of experience in developing new methods and techniques, and a high level of service management and employee takeover skills.

ISS creates synergies based on our management expertise and service delivery experience. And through synergies we aim to maximise resource-optimisation and cost-efficiency. Synergies can be obtained through the combination of management and service delivery from one supplier: ISS.

Integrated Facility Services is a partnership that helps our customers reduce costs and focus on their core business. The partnership evolves from ISS' ability to combine people, methods and management.

We believe that each customer has a unique combination of needs. Therefore, the best service solution derives from a pool of values and know-how which are combined to match each individual customer's needs and requirements.


Cleaning Services

Clean surroundings and a healthy working environment are not only prerequisites for a functional environment, but also the basis for well-being and employee productivity.

Most people enjoy and appreciate clean and fresh surroundings.

For more than 70 years ISS has set new standards within cleaning services throughout the World by offering efficient and flexible cleaning solutions. All of our solutions are based on each individual customer's needs and wishes. We are constantly developing new methods, tools and materials, which help improve the cleaning as well as the working conditions of our employees while minimising any negative effects on the environment.

Our skilled and motivated employees are an essential part of our success, because it is our employees' attitude, service-level and efforts that ensure living up to our customers' expectations.

Therefore we put a lot of effort into recruitment, employee development and people management. Only by offering attractive working conditions can we hire the qualified people we need to deliver high quality service to our customers.

With outset in our customer's needs we provide a customised cleaning solution where scope, level and the combination of services are carefully adjusted to each customer. Ongoing quality control ensure that we constantly live up to the expectations.

Daily Office Cleaning

Periodical Cleaning

Specialised cleaning solutions for

Within cleaning, additional services can be provided, depending on specific needs. Some examples may be:

IT Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Dust Control

Washroom Services


Property Services

Running and managing a property from A to Z requires time, overview and control. Often, time and resources are wasted because tasks are delegated to a range of different suppliers and partners, who rarely have the complete overview nor think in terms of coordination and rationalisation of tasks.

ISS Property Services can provide of a long list of services that contribute to optimising the value of a company's property service budget.

We offer anything from staircase cleaning and lawn mowing to technical- or craftsman services.

Our services can be combined in innumerous ways, as selected services or as a complete solution focused on resource optimisation, efficiency and systematic planning.

As a matter of fact, we can handle all tasks related to the physical environment in and around the premises. With a diverse pool of highly skilled employees within a variety of service areas, as well as an extensive network of sub-contractors, we are able to develop, manage and deliver any type of Property Service solution the customer needs.

Our objective is to contribute to the existing property investment by servicing the facilities optimally.

ISS Property Services is the single solution provider covering all property service needs.

Systematic Maintenance

Building Maintenance


Pest Control



Catering Services

ISS Catering is for companies that believe that great food is a parameter in obtaining happy and energetic employees.

To us, catering is about creating the right environment for the company lunch and not just a question of feeding people. We do this by providing a balanced and tasty diet, served in a comfortable and inviting environment.

ISS has a long list of customers with catering solutions ranging from employee restaurants to public canteens. Our solutions are as diverse as our customers, but they are all based on the same values and know-how, which are matched in collaboration with the customer to accommodate the specific needs within every solution.

This way we ensure that each catering solution meets the specific customer needs, not only in terms of food, but also in terms of environment, employees and service.

Company Restaurant

Canteen Services

Coffee & Beverage Service


Conference Room Services


Support Services

Few companies know how much time and how many resources are used daily to accommodate office related service- and support needs. On the other hand, most people agree that in the constantly changing and increasingly competitive world there is no room to waste either time or resources.

Even though only few companies consider services and support functions as vital for their core business, the impact of a well-functioning service solution is substantial on business conduct, employee wellness and even customer loyalty.

ISS Office Support has office related services and support solutions as core business. We deliver everything from call centers and mailroom services to reception and planning of internal moves. The many tasks vary and can be combined in numerous ways depending on the specific needs of the individual customer.

Customer Services

Employee Services

Internal Services and Logistics


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