Forest Treasures is pleased and proud to launch our new website of native plant species of the Philippines. It is our invaluable contribution to enhance and promote scientific knowledge on our plant species to the world. Our commitment towards environmental protection, preservation, and conservation of the country's plant ecosystem, as this serves as an valuable information and important reference for plant enthusiasts, hobbyist, collectors, researchers, economic, landscapers and students related to sciences, botany, and ecology.

Forest Treasures Plants and Landscapes is home to award winning collections of Philippine rare and exotic plant species. The owner's love and passion for promoting unusually beautiful native plants inspired years of search and cultivation, with the vision to showcase unique Philippine flora to the world.

George K. Mendoza is a collector of Philippine native ornamental plants since 1979 and with a background in cacti and succulents, native orchids, bromeliads, native ferns and native variegated plants. He also travels to collect wild ornamental plants from different parts of the country. He is a member of the Philippine Orchid Society, the Philippine Horticultural Society, and the Cacti and Succulent Society of the Philippines.

And we are happy to say that some of these collections are now on sale. Our most priced collection is the variegated giant fern (Angiopteris Palmiformis) which won four awards in Flora Filipina Expo 2009, a most awaited event which happens every three years showcasing the best of the best in the country.

Others are the outstanding collection of Philippine variegated plants, the awesome native asplenium ferns in unimaginable forms and shapes, native trees and shrubs for landscapes, other imported plants such as foliage anthuriums and bromeliads... we hope you will enjoy as you browse through. Feel free to contact us and we would be happy to serve you.

Exotic Plants

The term Exotic plants is often used to describe plant species that have been, or are being, introduced in to parts of the world other than their historical or documented range by humans, often as ornamental plants. Exotics are frequently utilized in the garden, but are also kept in greenhouses or as houseplants.






Forest Treasures Plants and Landscapes is a company that provides ornamental plants and landscaping services to enthusiasts and beginners alike, who look for plants that are rare and exotic, naturally mutated, and have ornamental and commercial value. Also offering services to those who require professional and knowledgeable individuals that can handle their landscaping needs.


Our Awards

While our work is rewarding, we’re always delighted and honored when respected organizations recognize our plants and designs.

Recognized with multiple awards from his participation in Flora Filipina Expo and Philippine Horticultural Society, George K. Mendoza is known as a collector of award winning, rare and exotic, native plants of the Philippines. He has also received landscaping awards for his exhibit booths using native ornamental plants.

Awards in Ornamental Plants

2011 Awards

Philippine Horticultural Society

2010 Awards

Philippine Horticultural Society

2009 Awards

Flora Filipina Expo

2005 Award

Philippine Horticultural Society

2001 Award

Philippine Horticultural Society

Awards in Landscaping

2011 Award

Philippine Horticultural Society

2009 Award

Flora Filipina Expo

2002 Award

Philippine Horticultural Society


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Forest Treasures Plants and Landscapes

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