ATALIAN Global Services Philippines began operations in 2015 as a service contractor under the name of CBM. The company has expanded significantly and increased company partnerships with Able Services & Northcom Security. Providing Housekeeping, Technical Maintenance & Security Services, we are proud to provide our expertise to customers nationwide. With more than 50 years of combined experience, ATALIAN Global Services Philippines employs 4,668 staff.

We now offer our customers’ Facility Management; a methodology dedicated to excellence, in addition to our already existing services. Our clients include multinationals, industrials, corporations, healthcare providers, fast-food chains, government institutions, shopping malls, embassies, banks, and many more.


Integrated Facility Management

With ATALIAN you can benefit from a truly integrated and coordinated service offer. ATALIAN’s Facility Management unit can mobilize all the Group resources (Cleaning, Technical maintenance, Security, Front-of-house, Landscaping, Airport assistance, Energy Management) in order to provide a relevant and made to measure service offer. Benefit from a single global point of contact, a multi-skilled team and a single invoicing system, to manage all your required services and their numerous technological and regulatory specificities. This set-up makes your life easier and allows you to concentrate on your core business.

Services Provided to Buildings

Services Provided to Occupants

Support Functions


Cleaning & Associated Services

ATALIAN’s cleaning activity has proven its expertise to become a major operator of cleaning services. Whether it’s office, hospital or industrial environments, our cleaning service line can provide a complete range of professional cleaning and associated services adapted to the needs of each client.

Every industry has distinctive cleaning challenges, and as such requires an approach tailored to meet these needs. Atalian’s team of industry experts will develop a cleaning plan that creates the right environment for your business, improving productivity and enhancing your customers’/clients’ experience.

By choosing Atalian Philippines, you can be assured of an approach that is specially configured to suit your business, so no matter your industry, you receive consistent elevated standards and an enhanced working environment.

On top of classic cleaning services, we also provide complementary services such as washroom hygiene, waste management, and supplies management.

Cleaning Services

Associated Services


Technical Maintenance Services

ATALIAN Global Services Cambodia technical maintenance unit is capable of managing the maintenance of any type of technical installation. We work closely with you to create a solution that is right for your business, with the versatility and technical expertise of our highly experienced team of mobile and site-based engineers, delivering all your building maintenance needs.

Facility Engineering

Technical Maintenance

All Types of Technical Works

Other Capabilities


Security & Safety

ATALIAN Global Services Philippines has partnered exclusively with NORTHCOM Security to provide the professionals’ security solutions in the Philippines. With NORTHCOM expertise in security, we provide security services to different clients, from government agencies to private business and firms, to residential areas and universities.

With this partnership, we offer a multitude of services adapted to the very diverse needs of its customers. Thus we are capable of providing a complete range of safety and security services to our customer.

Our highly skilled teams will work closely with clients to create an integrated security strategy, utilising trained security professionals, supported by the very latest software and technologies; keeping your colleagues, visitors, and assets safe and secure across a variety of sectors.

In addition to classic safety and security services (surveillance, safety, security), we can offer specific services such as airport safety, sniffer dog detection, as well as technological security solutions.

NORTHCOM has catered clients with certified, licensed, insured, and bonded Security Guards for over ten (10) solid years. Each security professional is screened to exceed the standards of PADPAO and the PNP-SOSIA.

Surveillance, Safety and Security


Pest Control Services

ATALIAN Philippines provides prevention and eradication of all sorts of pests. We cover many environments and facilities, such as residential properties, factories and warehouses, restaurants, hotels, food production and preparation facilities, shopping centers, entertainment complexes and cinemas.

Prevention and Eradication

An Expert Service


Landscaping Services

ATALIAN Philippines‘s landscaping unit can be broken down into two activities:

With ATALIAN you can benefit from a dedicated organisation as well as highly performant technical means. Not only do we offer a large panel of services but we also operate across a number of different sectors.

Specific Expertise

Technical Sustainable Alternatives


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Atalian Global Services Philippines Inc.

Address: Unit 422, 4th Floor, OAC Building, #27 San Miguel Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1650, Philippines

Phone: +632 721 4321


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