Manufacturers, importers, local distributors, suppliers of ADHESIVES, SEALANTS, WATERPROOFING products and brands. Vendors, contractors, companies offering waterproofing installation, repair and maintenance services.

3M Industrial Adhesives

AJAT ~ anticorrosion primers, tank coatings, polyurea waterproofing

APO Powerbond Floor Adhesive

Aquaproof Waterproofing Contractor

Castle Premium Waterproofing

Devcon Plastic Steel Epoxy

Gloscore ~ waterproofing services contractor

Insuphil ~ Cebu-based insulation materials supplier and contractor

Jardine Waterproofing

Kent Water Based Adhesive

Lafarge Jointing Compound

Loctite Heavy Duty Sealant

Mackintosh Waterproofing & Window Cleaning Services

MB Technosolutions ~ flooring, waterproofing, insulating contractor

Niceman Waterproofing Contractor

Primero Elastomeric Sealant

PYE Prufseal Flexible Cementitious Waterproof Coating

Sika Waterproofing

Silicone Sealant

World Seal Silicone Sealant

Zumicon Waterproofing Services


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AJAT ~ anticorrosion primers, food grade coatings, polyurethane foam insulation, polyurea waterproofing, fiberglass, sewage treatment


Acquaproof ~ waterproofing contractor


Gere Enterprises ~ 3M abrasive systems, 3M industrial adhesives & tapes, 3M PPE, DeWalt power tools


MB Technosolutions ~ flooring, waterproofing, insulating contractor


Insuphil ~ Cebu-based thermal insulation materials importer supplier and general contractor


Mackintosh ~ waterproofing, window cleaning contractor


Niceman Inc. ~ waterproofing contractor


Sika Philippines ~ major supplier of construction chemicals


Zumicon ~ waterproofing products, epoxy floor coating contractor


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