Organized and incorporated in February 1987 as a thermal insulation supplier and contractor. Formed in Cebu and as time passed by, slowly branched out to other key cities in the country like General Santos City, Cagayan De Oro City, and Bacolod City. We also have a branch in Manila and an affiliate company Industrial Plant Solution that caters to the Luzon market.

We have imported materials from other countries in order to compete with our local counterparts. We import primarily all kinds of insulation materials and other products we carry direct from manufacturers abroad. We maintain stocks at our warehouse to continuously serve all the immediate requirements of the industry. The key contribution to our success is our marketing competence, which cater to various stringent requirement of the industry with full customer satisfaction all over the country. All this success can be attributed to the company’s philosophy of Total Quality and the dedicated service of its manpower that continuously strive hard to attain total customer satisfaction.

Through the years of experience in a mechanically related work, we have diversified to a more challenging endeavor of being a mechanical contractor, thus diversified also to civil, structural, and electrical works.




We carry an extensive range of fixing and fastening accessories for installation of building and insulation products. These include:

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Adhesives, Mastics, Sealants

FOSTER ADHESIVES is a water or solvent based adhesive designed for bonding of fibrous, textile, sheet metal, aluminium-foil and all other insulation products.

FOSTER MASTICS is a high performance vapour barrier designed for both indoor and outdoor protection of insulation products against weather and water permeability.

FOSTER SEALANTS is a vapour barrier joint sealant and bedding compound used in sealing of joints between insulation products and jacketing.

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Aircon Flexible Duct

SP-2 and WIN-FLEX flexible ducts are tough, lightweight and extremely versatile pre-insulated flexible ducts with factory applied fiberglass insulation and an outer aluminium laminate vapour barrier. It is suitable for all high and low velocity air-conditioning and ventilation systems. It’s from state of the art Japanese technology and forms into a wide range from 4 inches to 20 inches.

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Aluminium Foil & Tape

ALUMINIUM FOIL vapour barrier is manufactured using the latest extrusion and laminating technology to provide excellent water permeability resistance and superior heat reflector.

ALUMINIUM FOIL TAPE is a self adhesive tape used for sealing of aluminium foil joints to provide excellent adhesion.

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Calcium Silicate

CALCIUM SILICATE is a non-asbestos, high performance insulating material reinforced with inorganic fiber designed to provide excellent thermal and heat resistance insulation of heated equipments, process vessels and pipings used in power stations, petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries and other process industries.

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Ceramic Fiber

CERAMIC FIBER is light weight and it possesses excellent refractory and insulating properties. It is designed for a wide range of applications such as steel, non-ferrous, petrochemical and ceramic manufacturing industries.

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Closed Cell Elastomeric Foam

Closed Cell Elastomeric Foam is a flexible and lightweight elastomeric foam material designed for thermal insulation. Superlon insulation comes in black or other colors and is available either in tubing or sheet form. The extruded flexible tubing is specially designed to fit the standard diameters of steel and copper piping. Sheets are available in pre-cut size or in rolls. Several items of ancillary products are also available like foam tape, gasket tape, adhesive glue, weather paint, etc.

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Extruded Polystyrene Foam

FOAMULAR-METRIC is a polystyrene foam insulation extruded into rigid boards by Owens Corning’s proprietary technology which develops continuous skin surfaces and closed-cell cores. The cells have interconnecting walls of consistent thickness with no voids. This uniform structure gives FOAMULAR-METRIC high insulating values, superior moisture resistance and high compressive strength.

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Fiberglass Textile And Lagging

FIBERGLASS TEXTILE and LAGGING products are manufactured from continuous weaved or bulked to increase handleability and tensile strength suitable for operation in temperature of up to 550°C. These products are used for high temperature sealing of heating equipment, surface erosion control and thermal insulation applications of oil, gas, solid fuel and other heating appliances. It meets Class “O” specification under British Standard 476 part 6: part 7.

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Fiberglass Wool

FIBERGLASS Wool is a lightweight glass fiber product, designed for economic and effective insulation of thermal, acoustic and fire protection of building, industrial, plant equipment and marine industry. It consists of long, fine glass fiber bonded with thermosetting resin.

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FOAMGLAS® insulation is a lightweight, rigid material composed of millions of completely sealed glass cells. Each cell is an insulating entity.

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Insulating Cement

LIMPET BD6 Self-Setting Cement provides a low cost protective coating for thermal insulating materials giving a high degree of mechanical protection.

NEWTHERM 800 Superplastic is a highly efficient and easily applied plastic form of asbestos-free calcium silicate insulation.

QUICK-COTE is a mineral fiber hydraulic setting thermal insulating and finishing cements.

SUPER-STIK is a mineral fiber thermal insulating cement.

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Jacketing Products

METAL JACKETING PRODUCTS are made from high quality aluminium, stainless steel or galvanised colour coated steel for use as weather jacketing and protection of insulation products against water permeability, corrosion and other hostile environments. It is manufactured from aluminium alloy 3003 which meets ASIM B209 with an H-14 temper.

Fixing accessories such as strap banding, wing seal, toggle latch, expansion spring, tie wire and screw are also available.

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Phenolic Foam

THERMAPHEN is a lightweight phenolic thermoset foam which is produced from environmental friendly, CFC free chemicals, ensuring quality and meeting industrial requirements. It has a closed cell structure above 90% that resists water ingression.

THERMAPHEN is versatile foam with a wide field of utility. It has combination of properties such as excellent fire resistance, Low smoke density, Low smoke toxicity, Thermal stability and very low ‘K’ value. It does not melt or drip in case of fire.

THERMAPHEN is fabricated by using state-of-art computerized controlled (CNC) profile cutting machine to ensure accuracy for complex shapes.

THERMAPHEN foam has an unique advantage over other Insulation materials. It has passed Class “O” requirement of building regulations in accordance to BS 476 part 6 & 7. It provides greater insulation efficiency than glass fiber, mineral wool, foamglas, expanded polystyrene, PIR, or any other commercially available insulation materials of comparable thickness.

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FOSTER U-FOAM is manufactured from BASF or UPJOHN polyurethane chemical designed to provide excellent thermal and acoustical properties.

RHH VERSI-FOAM is a 2 part portable polyurethane foam designed for on-site application to provide excellent thermal and acoustical properties. It is ideal for closing-up joints, gaps and offer installation flexibility of odd shape applications.

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Rockwool is a lightweight mineral fiber product designed for economic and effective insulation on thermal, acoustical and fire protection of building, industrial and marine industry. Its consists of long, fine fiber spun from molten natural rock bonded with thermosetting resin.

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Insuphil offers comprehensive, well integrated services within our group of, strategically located companies, which also enjoy the additional advantage of regional knowledge and technologies. Highly organized facilities, team working, and computerized systems are designed to assist with project coordination and planning, marketing, technical services, engineering design, procurement, delivery, fabrication, installation, maintenance and servicing – expeditiously.





V. COPPER TUBES – Type L and Type M







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