For 15 years, Mr. Ramil Ting, CEO and President, has been a trusted service provider in the field of construction and distribution, specializing in wood and other finishing materials. Holmix Trading and Lafexcim Enterprises were born out of his desire to provide the best products and services in the field. With the goal of continuous innovation in mind, he travelled around the globe to learn from and partner with multinational companies in order to bring truly world-class engineering and methods to the Philippines. And so, together with his brother-in-law, respected Architect Engelbert Chua, Ramil Ting founded Acquaproof Specialists, Inc. – the latest member of the Innovitech Group of Companies.


Why choose us?


Value-centered Services

At the core of our company is our commitment to bringing more durable, longer-lasting, truly value-for-money results for our clients.

World-class Standards

We believe in sharing knowledge and expertise with various notable partners from around the world in order to uphold world-class standards for all our projects. We are in continuous exchange with international applicators based in Singapore and Malaysia, in particular, regarding new methodologies and technical applications.

Innovative Collaboration

Well-respected multi-national companies with years of relevant experience have provided the company with invaluable support and guidance, allowing the group to come up with suitable solutions for every need. We consistently consult with renowned architects in order to be more pro-active in waterproofing and coating failures.

Continuous Training and Education

We believe that in order to bring our clients the best products and services, every member of the company must continuously be trained and educated in the developments in the industry.

Careful and Constant Supervision

For all projects but most especially for delicate projects, constant supervision and inspection by the owner himself is guaranteed. Well-trained engineers are always on-site to ensure that all workers abide by the stringent waterproofing standards set by the company.


EOTA European Organization for Technical Assessment

Certified 25 years life span

Quality Over Quantity

We only take a maximum of 6 small projects with only less than 2 weeks work duration or 2 big projects with more than a month work duration.

World-class Products, Fully-acclimatized for you

We only use world-class products in our application, carefully ensuring that clients are truly getting what they pay for. These products have been fully tested and acclimatized for local conditions.

5-Year Warranty

Our work comes with a standard 5-year warranty period, excluding paint fading and normal wear and tear of coating systems.


In order to establish truly effective safety protocols, a company must be vigilant and must have foresight. Each worker on sight has a “buddy” – at any given time, there is a minimum of 2 workers on the job.

Prior to actually start of work, we mobilize a team to inspect the sight and identify any and all potential health hazards. All workers are always and repeatedly oriented in the company’s safety protocols.




Our main service is waterproofing. We cater to basic home waterproofing services to more technical, challenging ones.

We understand that water damages due to weather exposure or leaks from pipes, can cause major repairs on any construction in the long run. Waterproofing is a way to prevent the water from seeping into surfaces exposed to these elements. It also serves as protection against mold and mildew formations, which can trigger respiratory ailments such as asthma and allergies. Adding waterproofing to your homes or buildings will help preserve its value by keeping them as pristine as it was first built.


We also provide aesthetic waterproofing, thereby going beyond just prolonging the life of façade elements.

Thermal Engineering

Applying thermal engineering in any structure, especially in homes or office buildings, is vital to control the temperature in its enclosed or open areas. We provide polyurethane foam sprays and thermal reflecting paints as alternatives to traditional building insulation. The advantages of these methods range from increasing the structural stability of your spaces to providing acoustical insulation and better permeability rating, among others.


We provide and install self-levelling mortar flooring finishes for rapid levelling of interior sub-floors, as well as polyurethane and epoxy floor finishes. Using these materials will achieve the optimum protection that your flooring needs against stains or wear and tear. With our world-class products, we can ensure that your flooring stays durable and maintains its aesthetic value.


As soon as we are commissioned for a job, we make sure we have the appropriate equipment for the requirements. We use power tools to accomplish all our task, as this ensures quality and efficiency at all times.

Here is a list of our equipment:


Waterproofing Myths & Facts

MYTH: Waterproofing System is as simple and easy as “A,B,C”.

FACT: Waterproofing System is not just about getting a BRUSH and applying….there is science in waterproofing.

Different projects has different approaches on waterproofing systems. A lot has to be considered when choosing the right system for a particular project. That is why every project has to be inspected and examined to provide the correct waterproofing system.



MYTH: Waterproofing materials are all and the same.

FACT: Using the right waterproofing material for the right area of application, careful study of area functions can provide us hints on what correct type of waterproofing system can be used.

There are a lot of waterproofing materials flooding the market, but only a handful of these materials can surely solve water leak damages. Always be cautious in choosing the right waterproofing material that will only provide the end-user a short service life span for an expensive repair works.

NOTE: Epoxy Tank Linings is not a waterproofing material. It is in fact, a finishing coat for cistern tanks as an alternative to ceramic tiles.


MYTH: After a quick waterproofing application, you’re already protected. Anyone can apply this.

FACT: A good waterproofing system includes not only a good and correct type of material, but most of all, a correct application methodology and an expert applicator.

80% of waterproofing failure occurs during surface preparation and 20% after completion and turn over of the area to the general contractor.





NOTE: After the turnover of waterproofed areas, the general contractor or the project management group will be responsible for any water leak problems that will occur later on. Warranties should only be on material failure due to delamination and emulsification.


MYTH: A waterproofing material should be hard, tough and stiff is better.

FACT: Building structures move. It expands and contracts due to extreme thermal variations. It also vibrates since the ground on which it stands is constantly moving. Hence, building cracks are natural and cannot be prevented.

That is why we need to consider a building coating that is strong and flexible to adapt to these building movements and vibrations. This coating should bridge cracks on building surfaces.



MYTH: Providing horizontal waterproofing on decks and wall painting is enough to provide long term protection.

FACT: Building protection requires more than just waterproofing applications on walls and floors. It also requires sealing off all openings like windows, doors, roofs and all utilities protruding the exterior walls of the building. This complete system is termed BUILDING ENVELOPE.

BUILDING ENVELOPE is comparatively equivalent to human skin. A structure must be enveloped from top to bottom to prevent intrusion from nature’s elements into the interior spaces and to protect the structural components from weathering and deterioration.


MYTH: Our mentality of beautiful aesthetics over building protection.

FACT: It is always a problem when home owners choose beauty over protection specially when they are already fed up with endless cost on repairs.

It is the designer’s responsibility to inform and provide proper protection and aesthetics to their clients. A long service life span of their creation will give the home owner a better spent for their investment and hopefully a good name for the designer.


Some of our projects

Frabelle Residence

Balcony and facade protection


Lorenzo Residence

Urdaneta Village

Concrete roof deck repair using Mariseal system


Lor Calma Residence

Forbes Park

Concrete gutter repair


Upton Fairways


Aesthetic waterproofing


Makati Ave. Lumber Building

Aesthetic and basic waterproofing applications


Contact Us

Acquaproof Contracting Specialists, Inc.

Address: JBD Plaza No. 65 Mindanao Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines

Phone: 928-5179 / 929-7399 / 455-5569


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Acquaproof Contracting Specialists, Inc.

Why choose us?


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