Mackintosh Corporation was organized as a result of friendships formed between members of the Philippine Constructors Association (PCA) Metropolitan Chapter and who saw the need for a truly professional waterproofing specialty contractor adhering to the ideals and tenets of PCA. Mackintosh is a regular member PCA Metropolitan and is active in all aspects of PCA and fully supports all its programs, initiatives and advocacies.

Mackintosh Corporation is a member of the Philippine Green Building Council (PHILGBC). PHILGBC is an Emerging Member of the World Green Building Council which has Councils in more than 100 countries globally. Mackintosh has adopted an environmental policy for both its general office operations as well as its project sites. It supports waterproofing materials that are not harmful to the environment. We believe that sustainable buildings and green construction is the future and, within the construction industry, the only way forward.

Mackintosh Corporation is licensed by the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) and Classified as Waterproofing Specialty Contractor. Its PCAB Licence No. is 34979.



Waterproofing Services

Mackintosh Corporation provides a great variance of Waterproofing Services and has the equipment, specialty material and personnel capability to take on any waterproofing project.

Above Ground Waterproofing

Flat Concrete Roofs (Roof decks), Roof Gardens, Parapet Walls, Balconies, Terraces, Gutters, Toilet & Bathrooms, Elevated Tanks, Concrete Hollow Block Exterior Walls, Firewalls, Swimming Pools- ground level or elevated, Planter Boxes, Water Features, etc.

Sika Sarnafil in Planter Box with drainage cells

Below Ground Waterproofing

Cistern Tanks, Basements, Elevator Pits, etc.

Specialty Applications

Tunnel Waterproofing, Epoxy injection, Epoxy Tank Lining, Pre-cast Joints, Earth Dam Lining, Concrete & Earth Canal Lining, Seismic Joints, Expansion Joints (water stop), etc.

High Rise Window Cleaning

Exterior window cleaning of high rise buildings, high rise exterior repairs, cleaning of cladding, etc.

The Window Cleaning Division of Mackintosh Corporation is manned by personnel trained in mountaineering skills, rope access, safety compliance and window washing/cleaning techniques. They use reinforced laminated bosun’s chairs as a work platform, mountaineering safety harnesses suspended by static Kernmantle rope with a safety lifeline as backup.

The specialty of the Mackintosh Window Cleaning Division is high rise buildings and it is fully equipped to tackle the toughest and highest building. The services are not limited to window cleaning but also includes exterior building cleaning, pressure washing, high rise exterior repairs, etc.

Mackintosh engages in constant research to find the most effective and environmental friendly detergents for window cleaning purposes.



Frequently Asked Questions


Unless otherwise indicated, our waterproofing services are accompanied by a minimum of five (5) yearsWaterproofing warranty. This warranty is normally accompanied by the warranty of the manufacturer of the materials used as to the quality and lasting effectiveness of its material.

Quality Materials

Mackintosh Corporation uses only the best waterproofing systems. It carefully selected the most diverse global product brands and balanced quality with economy. Its range of products are wide and covers each and every conceivable type of waterproofing application. Product brands are also selected based on the effective material warranty, sustainability as well as technical support provided by the manufacturer.

In all our waterproofing applications we only use genuine, world class, time tested and trusted waterproofing materials applied strictly to the specification of its manufacturer. Mackintosh has put together the best the market offers to not only provide the best service and application but also the best products. At Mackintosh Corporation we envisage the waterproofing of a structure from basement to roof deck and the use of the most appropriate and best product and brand for each individual application to ensure optimum results and product performance. Mackintosh will not use cheap, sub-standard and/or fake materials in waterproofing applications.

Sustainable Products

In its quest for a sustainable earth Mackintosh Corporation realizes that a holistic approach is needed. It not only actively promotes the use of eco-friendly and sustainable materials but through its corporate commitment, sustainable practices at office and on site as well as the continued orientation of personnel at all levels strives to make a difference.

Safety and Health Policy

It is the general policy of Mackintosh Corporation to provide a safe workplace for its workers and to ensure all work activities are carried out safely. The policy is embodied in the following:



Mackintosh Corporation has undertaken many waterproofing projects of varying sizes. Included below is a cross section of some of the projects undertaken.


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Address: 700 Road 1, Tandang Sora corner Commonwealth Avenue, Diliman Quezon City, Metro Manila

Phone: (632) 8785-1463 | (632) 8441-8920

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