Manufacturers, importers, local distributors, suppliers of METAL / STEEL products and brands.

ASTM Bolts, Nuts, Threaded Rod, Loop & Clevis Hanger, MS Plates

Greson Steel Plates, Armour Plates, High Tensile Steel, Marine Shafting

Incophil Abrasive Resistant Plates, W Abrasive Steel Shots / Grits

Linton ~ steel importer, wholesaler, retailer, fabricator

Power Steel Bar, Plate, Aluminum, Brass & Copper, Stainless Steel

Precious Steel GI Sheet, BI Pipe, Plain Round Bar, Flat Bar, Square Bar

Regan ERW Pipe, Deformed Bar, Wire Rod, Purlin, Rail, Sheet Pile, Coil

Steelworld Welded Wire Mesh, Galvanized Iron Wire, Nails, Barbed Wire

TKL Steel Deformed Bar, Angle Bar, Wide Flange, Channel Bar

Tri-ron Stainless Steel Plate, SS Pipe, SS Coil, SS Sheets, SS Tubes


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ASTM ~ nuts & bolts, rivets, scaffolding, steel decking


Greson ~ high tensile steel, hot rolled coils, mild steel angle bars, channel bars, flat bars, H-beams, square bars etc


Incophil ~ abrasive-resistant plates, special alloy steel, abrasive steel shots, stainless steel etc


Linton ~ steel importer, wholesaler, retailer, fabricator


Power Steel ~ bars, plates, wires, pipes, tubes, purlins, fittings etc



Precious Steel ~ deformed bars, GI sheet, wide flange, checkered plates, BI pipes, square tubes, couplings, valves etc.


Regan Industrial ~ ERW pipes, rectangular tubing, deformed bar, wire rod, cold rolled shafting etc


Steelworld ~ wire mesh, GI wire, nails, BI wire


TKL Steel ~ deformed bars, checkered plates, galvanized purlins, barbed wire, cold rolled shafting, metal furring, round tubing etc.


Tri-ron ~ stainless steel products such as coils, sheets, pipes, tubes and bars


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