6. Insulated Industrial Door

The reason why WEAL Industrial Doors are locally fabricated is the concept of swiftly attending to our clients needs. Doors are prone to damage since they are the most used part of the cold room. WEAL can easily repair the damage within a short span of time thus preserving frozen food products.




WEAL Industrial Doors: Locally Fabricated


The Cold Room Doors

The Door Leaf is made of prefabricated insulated panels with pre-molded powder-coated aluminum door-surround which can easily be taken apart during quick replacements if the door is damaged. It has a continuous rubber gasket along its perimeter which seals the door from its upper ledge to the floor. An electrical heat cable wire with threshold is provided for negative temperature.

Sliding Track Features System

Aluminum Molded Door Track is corrosion resistant.


For Positive Temperature:

-SLnH50- -SLnH75-

For Negative Temperature:

-SLH75- -SLH125- -SLH100- -SLH150-

Other Features:

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