4. Racking System



Selective Racking System

This is the most economical and commonly used system. Suitable for palletizing goods which is ideal for storage and order picking.


Hi-Rise & Narrow Aisle Rack

This system increases the storage capacity of a given area by up to 50% compared to normal selective pallet racking. Due to its height and load density, the floor needs to be carefully engineered and constructed in order to achieve desired strength and levelness.


Drive-in Racking System

This kind of rack is used to store large quantities of goods. It is useful in cold storage that needs to store many pallets as possible to maximize freezer space.


Push-back Racking System

This racking system is much faster to load and unload compared to drive-in, improved stock rotation and occupancy because each level can store a different product. Also, it reduces rack damage because the operator does not have to drive-in to the rack to remove pallets.


Pallet Flow Racks

Pallet flow rack system, pallets are loaded on one side of the system and unloaded from the other, making for a first in, first out inventory flow. This racking system provides a space-saving, high-density solution to your storage needs.


Long Span Shelving

This is used extensively in retail and wholesale merchandising such as textiles, carpets, cartons documents and etc.


Cantilever Racks

This is ideal for storing long span products such as tubing, timber, steel, plastic pipes etc. This type can give greater stock control, increased storage capacity & reduced operating cost.


Carton Flow Racks

Carton flow racks make merchandise remains better organized and easier to find. It decreases downtime and increases productivity and efficiency.


Mezzanine Racks

Mezzanine racks have multi-tiers of long-span shelving racks, it multiplies the utility of warehouse storage space and keeping the same features of the long-span shelving. This racking is best in high-bay warehouse with small goods, manual picking and big storage capacity with many different types, also good for old warehouse renewal, it can improve the storage capacity.

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