5. Loading Bay Equipment



Dock Seal / Shelter

Dock door seals & shelter is an important investment to consider when planning or designing a loading dock area. It helps provide safer working condition, eliminates pilferage, increases productivity; improves employee comfort; and decreases energy lost.

Curtain Dock Shelter for variable vehicle sizes

Cusion Dock Seal for standard size vehicle fleet

Inflatable Dock Shelter Bags (SIB) for high sealing demand

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors are the best solution in order to optimize the areas interested by the highest good’s handling, meaning during the loading and unloading operations. It is suitable for interiors and exteriors of many types of refrigerated buildings. This is ideal when thermal efficiency is a concern, where window space is desired for light, visibility, safety, or simply for aesthetic reasons. Sectional doors also operate quietly and generate little noise in windy applications.


Dock Levelers (Manual or Hydraulic)

Hydraulic models are designed to offer complete hydraulic deck and lip operation at the loading dock to help increase productivity; reduce maintenance costs, and improve personnel safety.

Manual models have ergonomic design to offer mechanical advantage for assisting the torsion spring lift assembly using the bar as a lever, the attendant can easily position the deck plate & lip with a minimum amount of lifting required. This feature eliminates the need for excessive manual effort or lifting the dock, resulting in fewer back problems and improving employees’ safety.


Roll-Fast Hi-Speed PVC Door

Roll-Fast Hi-Speed PVC Door is a high-speed sectional roll-up door designed for universal applications in both interior and exterior doorways. In the event of accidental impact, the complete panel and interlocking profiles "pop-out" from the side frames reducing the chance for damage to the door so that repair and costly downtime are virtually eliminated.

Design Features:

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