3. Shredders & Pulverizers

A shredder is an equipment whose main purpose is shredding. Shredding is when a material’s size is reduced into small pieces. A lot of online sources would define shredder as “a device used for shredding documents as a form of security measure to prevent identity theft,” there are many types of shredders availables depending on the materials that you want to be processed.

Some shredders may be designed to support material reduction across various methods of recycling. This includes plastic recycling, tire recycling, metal scrapping, wood recycling and e-waste recycling. Once a material has been reduced it becomes a raw material that can be re-introduced into manufacturing. There are a lot of terms to describe size reduction machinery, including hammer mills, chippers, granulators and grinders. Their overall function is to reduce the size of a given material.

Schind CPS Series

Our Schind CPS Series are multipurpose Shredders and Pulverizers that can process different kinds of materials. It can process plastic sheets, plastic bags, hard plastic, PET bottles, glass bottles, PVC tarpaulin, plastic films, clothing, rubber shoes, papers, cartons, branches, leaves, coconut husks, electrical wires, food waste, agricultural wastes, hospital waste and residual wastes. The size and power of each machine in our CPS series dictates the weight and size of the materials that can be processed per hour. It also has an easy cleaning access system which makes it easy to access the central shaft for cleaning. It also has a fail safe protection that prevents the motor from turning on while accessing the crushing chamber. Please feel free to review the specifications of each of our models to get exactly what you need.








Schind CWC Series

The Schind CWC series are a self-feeding gasoline engine powered wood chipper that features a large 12″x 6″ infeed opening and can handle material up to 5″in diameter. This drum style chipper is equipped with a professional grade 15hp gasoline engine that boasts 15HP and 21.00 ft./lbs. of torque. Optional electric start is also available as an upgrade. The material is fed into a sloped infeed bin and fed into the 10″diameter 53 lb. chipper drum that acts as a power feed assist system pulling the branches in at up to 50′ per/min. Although the chipper weighs over 400 pounds it is perfectly balanced and can be easily moved to other work site by tipping it back and pushing it around with the included handles. A trailer tongue is also included for attaching to an ATV or utility vehicle for transport as well.




Schind PPS 1600 ES


This machine shreds assorted materials included in the residual wastes. This will reduce volume of residuals needing transport to the dump facility and at the same time use the same wastes as an additive for hollow blocks and pavement blocks.



Schind PPS 3000 ESCH


This machine is heavy duty, it has the capability to shred bio-material waste coming from either household or the market. It can also chip tree branches up to 4 inches in diameter. This machine has the capability to shred biodegradable waste into smaller particles for better composting capability. It also comes with a chipper for tree branches.

The machine is also tow-able to maximize its use wherever it is needed. It can be brought to different areas like market places or MRF’s to immediately reduce the sizes of bio- waste collected from household and establishments.


This machine has the capability to shred biodegradable waste into smaller particles for better composting capability. It also comes with a chipper for tree branches.


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