2. Material Recovery Facility MRF

Our Materials recovery facility (MRF) is a system where municipal solid waste is recycled by separating and processing using mechanical and manual methods. Municipal solid waste are waste produced by residences, institutions, and business / commercial establishments. This includes paper, food items, yard waste, tin cans, bottles, plastics but not industrial and hazardous waste. The materials that are recovered includes plastic, paper, glass, and metals, which are compressed and baled, temporarily stored, and eventually sold to recycling and manufacturing firms. The remaining residual wastes are then disposed of into a sanitary landfill. MRFs can process either be source-separated recyclables or mixed wastes, in which case the biodegradable components can be processed into compost in a composting facility.



Sources of Waste

The source of waste should be considered when planning MRFs. Residential areas usually discard mixed paper, newspaper, clothing, plastics, cans, food packaging, food scraps, bottles, and yard trimmings. Commercial establishments produces office paper, news paper, mixed paper, packaging materials, cardboard, and food waste. Offices and Schools dispose of predominantly paper waste. Industrial facilities disposes of more packaging materials than most waste producers. Restaurants and Hotels produces a large amount of tin cans and plastic bottles. Urban areas tend to produce more paper and plastic materials than rural areas. Low to medium income household areas segregate more recyclable materials than high income households. The design of your MRF will be dependent on the sources of the waste that you will be processing.



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