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2. Turn Key Solutions - Asiaphil Manufacturing Industries, Inc.

3. Electrical Switchgear Manufacturing - Asiaphil Electric Pampanga, Inc.

4. Distributor / Agent / Stockist of Electrical Tools, Components & Equipment - GTB Industrial Network Inc.

5. Power Quality Solutions & Testing Services - Asiaphil Energy Solutions Inc.

6. Relay Protection & Control, Substation Automation - Asiaphil Systems Automation Inc.

7. Substation Rentals - Asiaphil Hope Inc.

8. Metal Fabrication & Coating - Asiaphil South Luzon, Inc.

9. Transformer Oil Testing Services - USTESTING, INC.

10. Investment Activities - Asiaphil Management Resources Inc.

11. Channel Sales Network - Asiaphil Market Reach and Coverage Strategy

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8. Metal Fabrication & Coating - Asiaphil South Luzon, Inc.

ASLI Profile

ASIAPHIL SOUTH LUZON INC. (ASLI) is a company that     is engaged in sub-contracting needs for metal products and equipment. ASLI’s capability was spearheaded in 1973, a spin of its founding company, ASIAPHIL Manufacturing Industries, Inc. (AMII). Today, ASLI has evolved not only in producing electrical sheet metal products for related industries of ASIAPHIL, but also currently offers variety of industry applications for non-electrical businesses.





Product Lines

Lockers, Cabinets, Racks


Cable Trays, Wire Gutters


Battery Cabinet


Equipment Rack



Box Enclosures


Electrical Enclosures


Telecom Cabinets



Transmission Tower


Gantry & Steel Structure


Container Van, Kiosk

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