1. Rautitan his 311 Piping System

2. Geberit HDPE Drainage System

3. Sosoon HDPE Pipes

4. FlameGuard Fire Sprinkler System

5. POLO-KAL NG - Pipe Systems; Standards, Approvals and Tests

6. POLO-KAL NG and POLO-KAL 3S - Fields of Application

7. POLO-KAL NG - Technical Data

8. POLO-KAL NG - Product Range

9. POLO-KAL 3S - Technical Data

10. POLO-KAL 3S - Product Range

11. POLO-KAL NG - Connections to Other Pipe Systems

12. POLO-EHP - Control

13. POLO-CLIP - Pipe Fastening Elements

14. POLO-BSM - Fire Protective Collar

15. POLO-ASV - Extraction-proof Connection

16. POLO-KAL - Sound Protection

17. POLO-KAL - Sound Level Measurements

18. POLO-KAL - Fire Protection

19. POLO-KAL - Insulation

20. POLO-KAL - Laying and Installation Instructions

21. Contact Us

4. FlameGuard Fire Sprinkler System

The Flameguard Fire Sprinkler system ensures the utmost safety of your loved ones. Built with a durable, lightweight material, the cold fusion jointing capabilities of Flameguard CPVC® have been internationally tested and certified that allows for easy installation, no rust or corrosion guaranteed.

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