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We are a leading company dealing in photovoltaic. As a manufacturer of solar modules and components, we deliver our certified products to and support our partners and customers in realizing all possible solar solutions and projects around the globe. Find out about our high quality products and our preserved know-how for your project.


Core Technology: AE Smart Module

AE Smart Module technology protects each cell by an individual bypass diode. When the current of a single cell does not match the current of the whole string, that cell has a reverse voltage, when measured more than 0.6V, it will automatically activate the bypass diode. As a result, the rest of the cells will not be affected by the disruption. The heated cell will consume less energy generated by the unaffected cells, and produce less heat. Meanwhile, only the heated cell will be bypassed, and the rest of good cells will continue to generate power.

Hot spot temperature lower than 85°C The IEC61215 test shows that with a zero percentage, a small and a 100 percentage of shaded area, respectively hot spots will not exceed 85°C, which is the maximum operating condition.

The lower temperature of hot-spot free modules will eliminate potential cause for back sheet degradation, hence enhancing reliability for longer term.

This new technology prevents instant falls in the module output, thus increasing the performance ratio up to 30% and return for all types of installations.

Instantly reduced temperature, thus eliminating material hazard and ensuring more safety of the module.

When multiple cells are in shade, a hot-spot free module can generate up to 80% more power, compared to a standard module. It prevents the sharp falls in module output caused by hot spots or module shading, also with the smart optimizer, reducing current and voltage mismatch to significantly increase in overall return for both rooftop and ground mounted installations. Drastic reduced temperature on hot-spot cells from 160°C to 85°C henceforth eliminates the potential hazards such fire and material degradation and ensures better safety, long life and high returns.

Plus-Sorting 0 to + 4,99Wp

Potential Induced Degradation Free

Certified for Salt Rich Environment

Certified for Sand Rich Environment

Certified for Ammonia Rich Atmosphere

Maximum Mechanical Load 5400 Pa


Up to 30% more power output compared to standard PV modules

Space saving for PV plants by using of Smart-Modules compared to standard PV modules

The temperature of Smart-Module cells is not higher than the operating temperature of PV modules

No reduction of PV modules stability and no fire risk, which is caused by hot spots


AE SMM6- 72 Series      AE SMM6- 60 Series

Download AE SMM6- 72 Series product specs

Download AE SMM6- 60 Series product specs


AE Solar photovoltaic modules are manufactured using high-quality materials, automated machine, German Technology and Standards

Higher yield due to plus-sorting of 0 to +4.99 Wp guarantees the high system efficiency and yield stability

AE Solar assures high investment, security and warranty claims by providing linear performance guarantee of 30 years and 12 years of product warranty

Lining with International Standards, AE Solar Photovoltaic modules are tested and certified under extreme stress and it can bear harsh environmental influences

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