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1. About Us / Our Products & Services

Astron Metal Works Corporation offers an extensive array of services for your steel needs, be it for residential,
commercial or industrial requirements: from simple cutting, bending, shearing, punching, rolling, dishing and
other customized steel fabrication works.

Some of our finished steel products are tables, cabinets, wash sinks, filters, platforms, storage tanks,
jacketed tanks, structural members and other miscellaneous metal works for buildings or factories as per
specifications and requirements of the customer.

Our Caloocan Plant has almost 2,000 square meter of floor space that houses our various machineries which
can do the following: shearing & bending of plates of up to 16mm thick, dishing, rolling & flanging, punching &
notching, welding works like SMAW, TIG and Automatic Linear MIG for build-up beams. All of these processes
are machine done which require minimal labor work, thus, ensuring consistency of quality of finished products.

Our work begins in aiding our customers plan for the design required based on their needs. Since each product
is customized, clients approve first our proposed design before fabrication begins. If items are of high volume,
we provide mock ups prior to production in order to check and test the efficiency of the design.



Commercial & Retail


Industrial & Petro-Chemical


Consumer & Foods


Structural Steel Members

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Astron Metal offers shearing services that can cut upto 16mm thick x 6m L of Mild Steel Plates.


Astron Metal offers bending services that can bend upto 16mm thick x 3m L of Mild Steel Plates.


Astron Metal can roll plates upto 12mm thick x 2.44m L.


Astron Metal can produce dish heads flanging edges upto to 4.5m diameter.


CNC operated turret machine for precision punching works, multi-punch 95 tons capacity for medium to
heavy gages punching works and a hydraulic power press with 140 tons capacity.

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Astron Metal Works In Action


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