Manufacturers, importers, local distributors, suppliers of SCAFFOLDING. Vendors, contractors, companies offering scaffolding sale, rental, installation services.

AJAT ~ scaffolding rentals

Chuan Hing Formworks ~ scaffoldings for sale or for rent

Coffral Formworks & Scaffolds

Comer Pipe Clamp, Form Tie System, Shoring Jack

CSO Aluma Beam, Catwalk, Gondola

Delgado Bamboo Scaffolding

Solid Building Materials Decking, Framing, Wall Form


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AJAT ~ anticorrosion primers, food grade coatings, polyurethane foam insulation, polyurea waterproofing, fiberglass, sewage treatment


Chuan Hing ~ formworks, scaffoldings, chrome / cast iron / brass / stainless steel / galvanized iron architectural hardware, water tank


Coffral ~ construction equipment sale and rental


CSO ~ scaffolding rentals, engineering services


Manila Bamboo Store


Solid Building Materials ~ shoring, decking system, scaffolding, framing, wall forms, gabions


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